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Liquor Licensing Update - Chairman Deloney Visits Clark Hill

September 18, 2012

On August 23, 2012, Chairman Andrew Deloney of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission met with a large group of interested people at Clark Hill's Birmingham office to go over major changes at the Liquor Control Commission.  Chairman Deloney provided a candid look at the Liquor Control Commission's licensing processes and improvements that are coming.  He graciously responded to questions from those in attendance. Highlights include:

  • Chairman Deloney's mission is to root out unnecessary licensing delays and eliminate them.
  • By eliminating unnecessary and duplicative requirements, the Commission is shortening the time it takes to obtain a license.
  • The Commission should be run according to the statutory and regulatory requirements in a transparent way, so that the regulated community has certainty in its dealings.
  • Chairman Deloney views the Office of Regulatory Reinvention Report as a helpful guideline for change, rather than a checklist.  He is working with the Legislature and other stakeholders to prioritize and implement recommendations.

MLCC Announces New Business Manager, Kerry Krone

Chairman Deloney recently announced that Kerry Krone will serve as the Commission's new business manager.  The business manager serves as the staff director for the Commission, and is responsible for overseeing the implementation of Commission policy directives, supervising the staff team and serving as a liaison between the staff team and the Commission.

If you were unable to attend and would like more information regarding Chairman Deloney's initiatives, or if you have any questions about licensing issues or violations, please feel free to contact Stephen Ormond at; Paul Magy at; Jeff Bloom at; or Jason Canvasser at  You may also reach any of Clark Hill's Liquor Licensing team of attorneys by calling (313) 965-8300.

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