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Elimination of the February Regular Election Date

July 13, 2015

Governor Snyder recently signed a series of bills making various changes to Michigan Election Law, one of which eliminated one of the four regular election dates that a school district was allowed to submit a ballot question to its voters. The bill eliminated the February regular election date, which was the fourth Tuesday in February (or the second Tuesday in March in Presidential Primary years).

With the elimination of the February regular election date school districts are now limited to the following election date options for submitting a ballot question to its voters:

  1. Any of the three remaining regular election dates which are the first Tuesday after the first Monday in MAY, AUGUST or NOVEMBER (with the November regular election date, even-years only, being a school district's Regular School Election date);
  2. A date when a city or township within the school district's jurisdiction is holding an election; or
  3. A special election date that requires an initiative petition.

Please consult with a Clark Hill attorney within our Education & Municipal Practice Group if you have any questions regarding school elections.

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