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Clark Hill Partners With Former FBI Agents to Offer Comprehensive Workplace Anti-Violence Program

October 25, 2016

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, some two million American workers are victims of workplace violence each year. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health estimates that violence in the workplace costs employers $120 billion a year. In the last year, we have seen various workplaces and schools subjected to shootings and other violent acts against employees. Employers are required to provide a safe environment for their employees. Are you prepared to deal with violence in your workplace?

Clark Hill has teamed with AG Advisors* to offer employers risk management solutions that will better prepare your company and your employees in the event they are exposed to workplace violence. These services include:

  • Creating effective anti-violence, anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies which meet various federal and state legal requirements
  • Performing a security evaluation of your facilities to address the effectiveness of their physical security
  • Drafting a Crisis Management Plan that effectively addresses various threats that may cause significant losses to your company and your employees
  • Coordinating with outside first responders to ensure they are ready to respond to the various threats faced by your company
  • Training employees in how to properly identify and report threats, assess behavior and respond to various threats
  • Conduct harassment and bullying investigations
  • Conduct table-top exercises to train management and supervisors on how to handle specific threats
  • On-call crisis management advice
  • Periodic evaluations on your emergency plan

If you are interested in these solutions, you may contact Paul W. Boehms, Thomas P. Brady or any member of the Clark Hill Labor & Employment Practice Group for more information.


*AG Advisors is a risk mitigation and business intelligence firm of former FBI agents who specialize in the physical security of employers' facilities. They provide threat assessment and training of management, supervisors and employees on how to identify potential threats and assess employee behaviors.

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