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Clark Hill Member, Steven M. Richman, Published in The International Lawyer by SMU Law School

November 29, 2018

Clark Hill Member, Steven R. Richman, was published in The International Lawyer by SMU Law School. Richman’s article, “Ethical Issues for Business Lawyers Under the United Nations Guiding Principles,” addresses corporate social responsibility and private lawyers.

Richman states, “We are all human rights lawyers now. Such concerns are no longer the sole province of public interest lawyers or those who otherwise specialize in human rights issues. Commercial lawyers in private practice representing private companies must be attentive to human rights issues. This article  arose from various presentations made during my tenure as Chair of the Section of International Law of the American Bar Association. It does not purport to run down every issue in exhaustive fashion, but rather to highlight a broad range of issues of relevance to those in the practice of private international law and business law. In some instances, I have cited to the work of others that summarizes developments in the area, in the interest of limiting this article and not being redundant. What has become apparent is that corporate social responsibility is of concern to private as well as public lawyers, as well as significant multinational corporate actors.”

To read the full article, click here.

Steven M. Richman practices in the areas of domestic and international commercial law, including mediation, litigation and arbitration, and appellate work, including distributorships, intellectual property, agency, art and photography law, professional responsibility and contracts. 

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