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Clark Hill Launches the FLSA Compliance Toolkit

May 26, 2016

Clark Hill's Labor & Employment practice is thrilled to announce the launch of the FLSA Compliance Toolkit – part of the new HR Advantage initiative we are rolling out this spring. HR Advantage is Clark Hill's response to how we will meet the needs of HR professionals by creating a dynamic client learning and resource portal offering new and unique service offerings.

With the recent changes in the FLSA regulations, and the large increase in lawsuits over the past several years within Wage & Hour law, Clark Hill is now offering a full suite of services to help employers address this ever-changing area. Whether you are a large employer, non-profit, or start-up company, addressing these issues proactively is critical. A more detailed summary of the program can be found HERE.

Below are several different options for companies to utilize before the new regulations take effect on December 1, 2016.  

  • Wage & Hour Assessment Service: Clark Hill attorneys can provide a comprehensive evaluation and review of job descriptions, policies, employment contracts, and contractor agreements to ensure compliance with the current regulations. We will work with your company to define the appropriate scope of the assessment and will offer a predictable fee arrangement if requested.
  • Wage & Hour Workshops: We know that having a comprehensive law firm review of the company's workforce is not possible for some employers. In these situations, the role of evaluating the risk of employee job classification will mostly fall on Human Resource professionals. Clark Hill has designed a workshop across our geographic footprint to provide a deep dive into the complex areas of FLSA, and navigate through the recent changes that are impacting so many employers. These sessions are hosted at Clark Hill office locations across the country; click HERE for a list of dates and times.
  • Onsite "Brown Bag Lunch" Training: Clark Hill attorneys can provide training onsite at your company's location in an interactive environment to address specific Wage & Hour questions. The scope of these sessions can vary between a comprehensive overview of the regulations, or can be more focused on the critical "gray" areas of the FLSA that HR professionals need to understand as they evaluate the company's job classifications. In addition, this offering provides the opportunity to ask an experienced Labor & Employment attorney about your company's approach and areas of concern.  We call it a "Brown Bag Lunch" offering because it is designed to be conducted in a collaborative manner over a typical lunch period, but the courses can be tailored to meet your company's needs. 
  • On Call Assistance for Specific FLSA Questions: We routinely provide advice and counseling regarding FLSA matters. At Clark Hill, we want to find the right level of service that will meet your company's needs. This includes the traditional hourly model for help when you need it, or an agreed-upon set price for ongoing counseling with agreed-upon parameters that alleviate the concern of picking up the phone and asking for counsel.
  • Resource Center for Up-To-Date Documents, Forms, and Links: Clark Hill is offering two free webinars to highlight the recent changes in the law – click HERE to register. In addition, we will continue to provide eAlerts and other links to key forms and resources through our website. 

For more information, please contact a Clark Hill Labor & Employment attorney. If you are currently not working with a Clark Hill attorney, contact the Practice Group Leader, Tom Brady, at 313-965-8291 or the Practice Group Director, Paul Boehms, at 313-965-8358.

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