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Clark Hill Family Law Attorney Randi Glanz Launches “Divorce Blog”

May 25, 2011


– Clark Hill Family Law Attorney Randi Glanz has launched a “Divorce Blog” to offer insight and assistance to individuals navigating the complex, often emotional process of divorce. Glanz plans to cover topics including how to manage your relationship with your ex-spouse, as well as legal issues, custody and parenting time arrangements and finances. Glanz’ blog is located at

“I saw a huge need for a divorce and family law blog – based solely on the questions I receive at the onset from clients. I have met individuals who are just trying to understand their rights and options, people who are committed to this process and want to make sure they are making the best decisions for their family,” Glanz said. “I also believe that with this blog I will be able to address questions that perhaps an individual is embarrassed about – or does not want to bring up during an initial meeting. I think it is extremely helpful for divorced families to understand that they are not alone.”

The official launch of is May 11, 2011. Glanz plans to update her blog weekly, tackling new topics and changes to the law.

“I really hope people see this blog as a resource to understand how to get through the divorce process and make informed decisions. It helps to know the right questions to ask.”

Glanz is a member of Clark Hill PLC’s Birmingham office, where she focuses on divorce and family law. Glanz has been practicing family law for 20 years. She earned her B.A. from Michigan State University and her J.D. from the Detroit College of Law. For more information, visit or

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