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Clark Hill Cares 2012: Continuing to Make a Difference Together

July 2, 2012


– On Saturday, June 23, 2012, more than 200 volunteers from Clark Hill’s seven offices turned out at food banks across the country to carry out the firm’s “Making a Difference Together,” motto. Through packing boxes, sorting canned goods and, in some locations, physically delivering the food to local families, their efforts provided approximately 40,000 meals in our communities.

In Detroit and Birmingham, Clark Hill Cares volunteers turned out at the Gleaner’s Community Food Bank in Detroit to sort boxed food and apples. In Washington, D.C., volunteers assisted Food for All DC with packaging the food and delivering it to families in the D.C. area. Chicago volunteers participated in the Annual Hunger Walk to raise awareness of hunger and poverty. In Arizona, Clark Hill Cares volunteers spent the morning at the Desert Mission Food Bank, sorting and packaging food. Our West Michigan colleagues worked at the Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank, and our Lansing team met up at the Mid-Michigan Red Cross to sort canned goods.

“Every year, the experience becomes more meaningful,” said Phil Ross, Clark Hill COO. “We’ve now expanded our Clark Hill Cares efforts to include the ‘Cash and Cans’ food drive program in the spring to raise money for the food banks, and it is very gratifying to volunteer at the actual facility after the food drive and see how it all comes together. The food banks are such worthwhile organizations and it is rewarding and humbling to be a part of their work. I’m always very proud to be a part of the Clark Hill Cares group.”

Many of the Clark Hill volunteers have expressed interest in continuing their volunteer efforts on their own time.

“My husband and I discussed the idea of doing this once a month,” said Michele Gray (Clark Hill, Washington, D.C.) of her experience with Food for All DC. “It was very fulfilling to be able to help out.”

For their part, the food banks expressed appreciation for the timing of year that the Clark Hill Cares group volunteers.

“It is so important to have summer help,” said Karen Rosgensues, volunteer coordinator at Gleaner’s Community Food Bank. “We are really struggling this year and appreciate your committed group.”

And the Feeding America West Michigan Food Bank summed up the efforts at the end of the day:

“We’re already looking forward to next year. We’ve got you on the calendar for June 22, 2013.”

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