Professional Ethics & Risk Management

Clark Hill attorneys counsel and represent many different professionals—including accountants, attorneys, directors, officers and fiduciaries, financial series providers, real estate agents, and insurance agents—in pre-suit negotiations and litigation.

We understand that the outcome of a dispute or trial can have profound ramifications on the professional reputations of the individuals involved, as well as the partnerships, practices, and companies for which they work. On behalf of our clients, we obtain defense verdicts, summary judgments, non-suits, dismissals, and favorable settlements. Our representation ranges from national firms to sole practitioners.

We have special experience in ethics, risk management, and professional responsibility issues facing lawyers. We are equipped to conduct risk audits of law firms suggesting methods to reduce the potential of liability exposure. We represent attorneys facing grievance procedures, bar admission disputes, disqualification motions, and other issues implicating the Rules of Professional Conduct. Our professional responsibility attorneys are active members of the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers and the ABA Center for Professional Responsibility.