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Private Family Mediation

Every family is unique. Private dispute resolution with a neutral mediation specialist provides the opportunity to find solutions tailored to your family's unique circumstances.

Family mediation is an alternative to costly and damaging litigation at any point in the litigation process.

  • Before a divorce or other legal matter is filed, the parties will work together to reach an early and comprehensive settlement. The courtroom is used only to finalize the settlement and to end all legal proceedings.
  • While a divorce or other legal matter is pending, the parties will work together to resolve disputes such as interim custody and parenting time issues, child support, spousal support and the payment of household expenses.
  • When it is time to either reach a global settlement or litigate, the parties will work together to negotiate a final agreement of all issues, including custody and parenting time, child support, spousal support and the distribution of the material of assets and debt.
  • After legal proceedings terminate, the parties will work together focusing on reducing conflict and finding helpful solutions to co-parenting their children. Clark Hill family lawyer Ada Snyder Kerwin is trained and experienced in domestic relations mediation and collaborative divorce.

Although Kerwin is a highly respected trial lawyer, her courtroom experience has taught her that courtrooms should be the place of last resort to resolve family disputes. Working with a neutral mediator, family privacy is protected when discussing issues involving children, family finances, child support, spousal support, and the distribution of assets and debts.

Divorcing parents are rarely in agreement over the important issues confronting their family. Kerwin is an experienced family law specialist who helps families find enduring solutions to their unique family issues.

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