Outsourcing Legal Services

Clark Hill has been at the epicenter of the outsourcing industry for a number of decades, and as a consequence has developed experience that is invaluable for clients contemplating outsourcing. The automotive industry, long centered in Michigan, was one of the original outsourcers of projects, and today has outsourced virtually all of its information technology requirements and manufacturing activity, except for final assembly of the motor vehicle. From our close involvement with this industry we have learned firsthand the benefits and problems of outsourcing.

From terms and conditions to service levels, benchmarking and quality assurance to indemnities and allocation of risks, we have been through the entire contract cycle with many, many clients on all the issues confronting the outsourcer and the outsourcing contractor. We have extensive experience with outsourcing employees and information technology, as well as various manufacturing operations. We have been through negotiations, renegotiations and dispute resolution, from beginning to end.

Today’s outsourcing solutions are not limited by geography, and our extensive international contacts and experience equipped us well to deal with the many foreign issues which arise during the outsourcing cycle. Our lawyers have direct contact with law firms in over 70 countries to assist with issues that may arise in the outsourcing context. Regardless of your industry, you will find that Clark Hill has experience in handling your outsourcing solutions.