Information Governance 360

Very few organizations, lawyers, and regulators have faced the complex information security, privacy, records management, defensible disposal intellectual property and trade secrets protection matters that Clark Hill has met head on.

Clark Hill’s IG professionals and attorneys are focused on achieving better business efficiency and operational performance for each and every client by advising on the value, risk and efficient use of data while maintaining legal and regulatory defensibility. Clark Hill is a sought-after partner for:

  • Containing, controlling and accurately predicting costs in the identification, collection, searching, review and production of potentially relevant ESI (electronically stored information) in the face of litigation, class actions and disputes.
  • Mitigating risk associated with preservation, privacy and security of business-critical ESI stored inside and outside the enterprise.
  • Understanding the impact of ongoing regulatory changes and standards at a state, federal and global level.

Clark Hill Information Governance 360 is focused on:

  • Ediscovery Project Management
  • Ediscovery Technology
  • Data Compliance
  • Data Security
  • Data Privacy

How Much Data is There?

In 2011 there was an estimated 2 Zettabytes of data, which is as many bytes of information as there are stars in the universe.

The amount of business data is growing in volume, variety and velocity. Aberdeen Group's December 2012 Data Management for Business Intelligence research puts the current growth rate at 56% year-over-year. New types of data appear daily and the overall amount of data created is increasing exponentially with the proliferation of mobile technology.

Everyday, businesses and organizations in every corner of the globe leverage their information assets to fuel their operations. Clark Hill is at the center of the data storm, providing leading edge counsel and services to help clients understand, manage and prepare for the costs and risks associated with big data.

Big Data. What Does it Mean For Your Organization?

Big data is marketing parlance; Information Governance is where the rubber meets the road. Clark Hill Information Governance 360 is where "Big Data" is defined. Solving the challenges of big data starts with first defining what big data means for your organization. By defining big data for your organization, Information Governance begins.

Clark Hill's consulting and legal professionals will help you to crystallize that definition and strike the balance of big data challenges between value, risk and technological efficiency. We can wrap that balance in nuanced processes, roles and policies that ensure the effective and efficient use of this information.

As an entrepreneurial law firm, Clark Hill understands the C-suite challenge of striking the right balance between the need to mine data assets for valuable information (such as customer buying preferences, optimal marketing strategies, and workforce analytics) and the cost of storing ever-increasing amounts of data; maintaining its security; and complying with relevant laws, regulations, and litigation demands.

Clark Hill Information Governance 360 is focused on:

  • Risk Litigation Ediscovery
  • Compliance & Regulatory
  • Security
  • Policies & Procedures


Represented an aluminum company in a dispute concerning a computer control system for a plant located in Europe. Included coordination with overseas counsel for resulting litigation which proceeded in Europe.
Defended a multinational corporation in litigation in federal court in Pittsburgh involving performance of steel production equipment, which included a computer control system. Statistical analysis of operating variables was a major issue at trial. Resulted in a defense verdict after trial which was affirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. (W.D. of Pa. and Third Circuit)
Represented a multinational corporation in a trademark dispute in federal court in Arkansas, where the basis for personal jurisdiction was publication of the materials at issue on a website. Case settled while motion to dismiss was pending. (D. Ark.)
Represented clients in a variety of technology litigation matters and advised clients on a number of technology law issues, including network and computer security, e-commerce and electronic contracting, electronic signatures, domain name disputes, Internet jurisdiction, technology contracts, software license audits, Y2K agreements and disclosures, and privacy.
Defended an entertainment company in federal litigation in Pittsburgh in a contract action involving a project services agreement for development and implementation of a major database project. The consulting firm sought a balance claimed to be due and the entertainment company sought damages for completion of the project by a replacement consultant. Settled before trial. (W.D. Pa.)
Brought an action for a leasing company in federal court in Pittsburgh to collect the balance due on a medical practice management system, which included hardware and software. Defendant claimed that the system did not perform in accordance with warranties. Settled during trial for full balance due. (W.D. Pa.)
Represented clients in major litigation involving disputes concerning contracts for development and implementation of information systems projects.
Represented a corporate investor in a corporation formed to develop software in a dispute concerning operations of the corporation, use of investment proceeds and contractual issues between the investor and corporation.­

Represented a governmental authority in a multi-million dollar action in state court involving design and implementation of a customer billing and service system. (Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, PA)