Form I-9 Compliance – Internal Audits

Is your company ready for a Form I-9 audit by Immigration and Customs Enforcement? 

Government audits of Form I-9s are expected to continue to increase in the coming months. It is more important than ever for organizations to ensure compliance with Form I-9 rules. Even if your company is not at apparent risk for hiring an unauthorized worker, fines can be high for failure to complete the Form I-9 properly. Through HR Advantage, Clark Hill offers the following package to assist your organization with conducting an internal Form I-9 audit, before the government asks to see your records:

Fixed Fee Assistance with an Internal I-9 Audit – Package cost of $3,500

Clark Hill immigration attorneys can provide training to your Human Resources professionals to educate them in conducting an internal audit on your Form I-9s. For a fixed fee of $3,500, your company will be provided with the following:

  • Half hour phone call with an experienced immigration attorney to gather information on the company’s current Form I-9 practices and procedures.
  • Detailed review of a sampling of 20 existing Form I-9s and detailed instructions on how to correct Form I-9 errors. Review of additional Form I-9s is available for additional fees.
  • Interactive recorded webinar training session provided to company Human Resources professionals on how to properly complete a Form I-9 with a question and answer session for specific Form I-9 questions. An electronic copy of this company-specific training program will be provided so that it can be used to train future Human Resources hires or those who cannot attend the live session. Maximum training session time is one and a half hours, including one hour of training and up to a half hour of questions and answers.
  • Copy of the PowerPoint presentation used for the training session.
  • Copy of an instructional “audit sheet” that Human Resources professionals can complete for each remaining Form I-9 not audited by Clark Hill, including specific instructions on how to make any corrections, when corrections are possible.  
  • Audit summary detailing the results of the audit, company actions taken to comply with Form I-9 rules, and any suggested changes to company Form I-9 policies and procedures.  
  • Half hour closing phone call to address any remaining post-audit issues.
  • This program is not available to companies who have already been contacted by a governmental entity regarding Form I-9 compliance.
  • Assistance beyond the scope of this fixed fee program is available at an hourly rate to be discussed prior to work being commenced.

Clark Hill’s experienced attorneys can work with your organization to conduct an internal Form I-9 audit, before you are audited by the government. With current fines at a maximum of $2,156 per Form I-9, companies with a workforce of 100 have potential for fines in excess of $200,000 – just for completing a form incorrectly. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services website has more information on potential penalties:

We look forward to assisting you with your Form I-9 compliance.