Employment Training/Seminars

Our attorneys conduct a variety of comprehensive training programs and seminars designed to bring clients up to date with changes in employment and labor laws. Our training programs are designed to provide human resources and management-level employees with a practical understanding of the law so that they can recognize potential problems and address them swiftly, effectively and appropriately. Our training goes hand-in-hand with our counseling efforts which focus on preventing problems before they arise. Our training sessions are specifically tailored to each client’s objectives and use innovative techniques to hold the audience's attention.

  • We have developed a two-day program to train managers and supervisors how to respond to union organizational drives. The training teaches managers and supervisors to:
  • Identify the early warning signs of union activity
  • Effectively communicate with employees regarding the realities of third party representation
  • Avoid actions that could result in unfair labor practices
  • Conduct successful campaigns on behalf of management

We also recently developed anti-harassment training for a large automotive supplier’s 800 managers and employees. Rather than show the employees a canned video tape, we developed an interactive program that taught the employees the type of workplace behavior that results in harassment claims.