Emerging Technologies

Emerging technologies are transforming every sector of the global economy, from financial services to the automotive industry, from the delivery of healthcare to the sale of real estate. Utilizing these technologies to innovatively deliver goods and services often confound, circumvent or simply defy current state and federal regulations, particularly in highly regulated fields. Clark Hill’s Emerging Technologies Practice Group combines its international tech experience with its regulatory knowledge to assist in navigating challenging regulatory environments in order to efficiently bring innovation to the market. Our attorneys in Philadelphia, Detroit, San Francisco, Austin and Dublin have worked with startups companies in industries as diverse as insurance, automotive, crypto-currency, real estate, and energy.  We have experience in Smart Contracts, Blockchain, Cloud Services, Data Transfer, Intellectual Property Preservation, Drones, Telehealth, Cybersecurity and Privacy Protocols.


For more information, contact Robert Tomilson at rtomilson@clarkhill.com or 415.984.8585.