Discovery Services

Almost all of the documents we generate and the correspondence we send are created and stored electronically. Most organizations rely on digital technology for more than 98% of their communication and record-keeping.

But what will you do when those documents must be produced in response to litigation or a government investigation? How will you identify, gather, analyze, and organize all of the information on your computers, servers, cell phones, iPhones, Droids and web sites?

Discovery, the process of providing information in legal proceedings, is now: e-discovery.

Our team offers a unique, integrated portfolio of services that protects and defends you before and during the e-discovery process through response planning, records management, policy development, and ongoing education.

Think of us as your organization’s e-counsel, providing the assurance you need to navigate every digital-evidence scenario.

Producing electronic information and documents is now at the center of every litigation process. Failure to properly preserve, locate, and disclose relevant electronically-stored information can lead to catastrophic results. Choosing the right e-discovery team is critical in today’s legal and business environment.

Our custom electronic records-management systems are designed to be efficient and effective, so you can focus on managing your business with confidence.

Our proactive problem-solving approach has enabled our e-discovery experts to successfully implement solutions for clients involved in complex situations such as:

  • Commercial, insurance, intellectual property, and product
  • Liability litigation
  • Antitrust litigation and compliance
  • Transactional due diligence
  • Internal corporate investigations
  • White-collar defense



Represented an aluminum company in a dispute concerning a computer control system for a plant located in Europe. Included coordination with overseas counsel for resulting litigation which proceeded in Europe.
Defended a multinational corporation in litigation in federal court in Pittsburgh involving performance of steel production equipment, which included a computer control system. Statistical analysis of operating variables was a major issue at trial. Resulted in a defense verdict after trial which was affirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. (W.D. of Pa. and Third Circuit)
Represented a multinational corporation in a trademark dispute in federal court in Arkansas, where the basis for personal jurisdiction was publication of the materials at issue on a website. Case settled while motion to dismiss was pending. (D. Ark.)
Represented clients in a variety of technology litigation matters and advised clients on a number of technology law issues, including network and computer security, e-commerce and electronic contracting, electronic signatures, domain name disputes, Internet jurisdiction, technology contracts, software license audits, Y2K agreements and disclosures, and privacy.
Defended an entertainment company in federal litigation in Pittsburgh in a contract action involving a project services agreement for development and implementation of a major database project. The consulting firm sought a balance claimed to be due and the entertainment company sought damages for completion of the project by a replacement consultant. Settled before trial. (W.D. Pa.)
Brought an action for a leasing company in federal court in Pittsburgh to collect the balance due on a medical practice management system, which included hardware and software. Defendant claimed that the system did not perform in accordance with warranties. Settled during trial for full balance due. (W.D. Pa.)
Represented clients in major litigation involving disputes concerning contracts for development and implementation of information systems projects.
Represented a corporate investor in a corporation formed to develop software in a dispute concerning operations of the corporation, use of investment proceeds and contractual issues between the investor and corporation.­

Represented a governmental authority in a multi-million dollar action in state court involving design and implementation of a customer billing and service system. (Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, PA)