Corporate Responsibility, Compliance & Continuity Services

Compliance is tedious, expensive, and confusing. But in today’s complex and highly regulated economy, it’s also absolutely essential.

While a company’s core mission should always remain focused on growing its business, it must never lose sight of the legal and regulatory compliance issues – from pot holes to land mines – that dot the business landscape. After all, as with most problems in life, the consequences of non-compliance will manifest when and where you least expect them.

Clark Hill’s Compliance & Continuity Services team helps clients meet the growing demands and challenges posed by expanding government, regulation, and aggressive enforcement action. In order to thrive in the global marketplace, businesses must proactively establish and maintain robust, effective corporate governance policies, necessary training mechanisms and rigorous and adaptive compliance programs in order to detect, deter, and resolve non-compliance matters. Clark Hill offers a comprehensive approach to help clients come into compliance and vigorously defend against allegations of non-compliance.



Smart businesses implement a system to ensure ongoing compliance with ever-changing regulations and expectations.


Compliance and Continuity Services

Clients come to focus on compliance for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s simply an essential element of doing business (the “Proactive”). For others, it’s because of a government mandate (the “Reactive”). And for an unfortunate few, compliance only becomes a priority as a result of an audit or investigation (the “Regretful”).


There are Many Reasons to Place an Important Emphasis on Compliance

  • It’s a good investment as the costs of non-compliance (both civil and criminal) are steep
  • In many cases, it’s required by law
  • It’s simply good business

If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance. Clark Hill helps clients develop and implement robust, effective compliance and continuity services programs. In so doing, we recognize the need to strike a balance and not allow compliance activities to harm an organization by imposing unnecessary costs and stifling creativity and innovation. Indeed, as lawyers we are trained to spot risks. But at Clark Hill, we don’t let risks turn into roadblocks. In all we do, our objective is to remove, not erect, obstacles for our clients.