Behavioral Health Compliance Institute

The need for an effective compliance program has never been greater! The Affordable Care Act armed the government and its contractors with more tools to combat regulatory noncompliance, and in the past few years, there have been record highs in settlements, recoupments and arrests tied to fraudulent healthcare arrangements. Operating under the status quo is no longer acceptable and is proving to cost providers millions of dollars in lost revenue and penalties every day.

Every provider must be on the right side of compliance. Compliance is not just a set of policies sitting on a shelf, it is a culture and a way of conducting business. The Behavioral Health Compliance Institute is a one-stop-shop for behavioral health providers to establish and implement an effective compliance program. This Institute will help providers understand the intricacies of behavioral health compliance through educational programs; assist in creating a culture of compliance through an individualized risk assessment, drafting compliance policies specific to their entity, and onsite staff training; and provide guidance on maintaining acceptable levels of compliance in their everyday practice.

Participants in the Institute shall also receive the following benefits:

  • Credit for attending the Compliance Seminar;
  • Assistance drafting an individualized compliance plan;
  • Personalized training and education on how to implement the compliance plan;
  • Access to sample policies and procedures;
  • Hotline availability for reporting compliance concerns;
  • Quarterly round table meetings to discuss the latest developments affecting your compliance program;
  • Periodic newsletters;
  • Instant alerts on important compliance updates;
  • Compliance committee assistance and agenda development;
  • Compliance committee chair (upon request);
  • Discounted rate on compliance investigations and audit protocols;
  • Certification of an effective compliance program.