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Commercial Litigation

Clark Hill attorneys have the resources necessary to exceed clients' expectations in all types of commercial litigation. From simple collection cases to complex construction and securities actions, our litigators have the experience to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. Our litigators are also able to draw upon the considerable expertise of members of the firm's other practice groups to solve highly technical and specialized legal issues that arise in our continuously evolving business world. Also, we regularly engage in all forms of alternative dispute resolution, both as advocates for clients and as arbitrators and mediators.

Our litigation practice is the firm's largest practice group, and serves as counsel to numerous national and local businesses, individuals, and governmental agencies, in federal, state, and local courts, and before administrative agencies. Our litigation attorneys recognize the need to keep clients regularly apprised of litigation expenses, and we work with our clients to project and budget litigation fees and costs. Our Litigation practice group regularly engages in continuing education and training of its members and utilizes a wide range of ancillary resources, including advanced systems for document compilation and retrieval, electronic database research, and other litigation-related technology.

Specific areas in which our attorneys have experience include:


Our attorneys have handled securities-related lawsuits, both individual and class action, involving publicly traded as well as closely held corporations, together with a variety of real estate, oil and gas, coal mining and leasing syndication matters. Our clients have included investors, issuers, corporate officers and directors, national accounting firms, securities brokerage firms, national construction firms, and financial institutions. These cases have involved claims arising under the federal securities laws, RICO, state security statutes, and common law. Our attorneys have also served as NASD arbitrators.

Uniform Commercial Code

Cases arising under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) make up another large segment of our commercial litigation practice. Our UCC litigation experience includes cases involving sales contracts, commercial paper and negotiable instruments, and secured transactions.

Business Torts

We have represented clients in a variety of trademark infringement, antitrust, trade secret, unfair competition, and related "business tort" lawsuits. We can quickly "gear up" to obtain or defend against preliminary injunctions and to handle the accelerated proceedings that these cases often require. Our sophisticated litigation support capability is a valuable asset in these situations.

Contract Litigation

Our attorneys handle all manner of contract-related claims, including sales contracts, professional services agreements, warranty claims and economic losses, manufacturer's representative matters, insurance coverage disputes, licensing matters, and real estate actions. We have also litigated government contract claims in the United States Court of Claims and before federal agency boards of contract appeals. We vigorously pursue collection cases, proceedings to recover leased property and loan collateral, and actions to enforce judgments.

Professional Liability

We have established a national reputation in the areas of professional and director and officer liability, having successfully represented governmental entities, national law firms, and national accounting firms.


Mason Floyd, Leigh Roadman, and Matt Ruza, with significant support from Lori Stephens, recently obtained complete dismissal of an action against two clients, former owners of an EB-5 Regional Center, in the Southern District of Ohio. Under the EB-5 program, established by Congress, immigrants who invest $500,000 of capital into an approved project, receive conditional permanent resident status in the United States. After two years, if the immigrants have satisfied the program’s conditions, they will obtain their green cards. Plaintiffs, ten Chinese nationals, alleged that Defendants procured their investments through fraud, misrepresentation and deception and sought not less than $5,000,000. The Complaint alleged ten counts against Defendants. The Court dismissed plaintiffs’ federal securities laws claims with prejudice and denied their request to replead. The Court also declined to exercise supplemental jurisdiction over the remaining counts and entered judgment in favor of Defendants. 

Mel Karfis, Bishop Bartoni, and Stephanie Anderson recently obtained dismissal of a client/retailer in a treestand/ratchet strap products liability matter pending in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Missouri.  Plaintiff claimed that a replacement ratchet strap used to secure this treestand to a tree was defectively designed and/or manufactured.  Plaintiff claims that this ratchet strap, sold by the client/retailer, broke when the Plaintiff stepped on his treestand approximately 25 feet up in a tree.  During the fall the Plaintiff sustained severe deep lacerations to the entire length of his left forearm resulting in permanent tendon and nerve damage.  Plaintiff alleged that the client/retailer was liable for selling the allegedly defective strap.  Defendant responded that Plaintiff had not made a prima facie case that the product was defective and the client/retailer could not be responsible for the Plaintiff’s injuries.  Defendant filed a motion for summary judgment arguing the Plaintiff had not established a prima facie case for a design, manufacturing, or warnings case against the client/retailer.  As a result of the motion, the Court entered an order dismissing the client/retailer with prejudice.

Clark Hill’s defense counsel team which included Mel Karfis, Stephanie Anderson, Bishop Bartoni, Vince Roskovensky, and Lisa Eldridge recently obtained a directed verdict in a treestand products liability jury trial pending in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, PA).  Plaintiff fell 30 feet from a treestand sustaining serious injuries rendering him a paraplegic.  Plaintiff alleged that a treestand sold by the client/retailer failed to provide all the necessary components to safely install and use the treestand.  Defendant responded that it did provide all the necessary components that would have been supplied by the manufacturer.  Defendant further argued that even if the Plaintiff did not receive all the necessary parts and components, Plaintiff had full  knowledge that he was allegedly missing parts and made a conscious decision to replace various components with unauthorized replacements.  During trial, defense counsel effectively cross-examined the Plaintiff, the Plaintiff’s fact witnesses, as well as the Plaintiff’s engineers.  After the close of the Plaintiff’s proofs, Defendant moved for directed verdict alleging that Plaintiff had failed to establish a prima facie case that the client/retailer sold a defective treestand and, in the alternative, the Plaintiff had assumed the risk because cross-examination at trial had revealed the Plaintiff had full knowledge that he was alleging missing vital components and knowingly used unauthorized replacement parts in an improper manner causing his fall.  The trial court agreed and granted Defendants’ motion for directed verdict dismissing the case.

Sam Hornak recently won summary judgment in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County in Fores v. The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, a personal injury lawsuit where the Plaintiff allegedly suffered serious personal injuries from falling into a sewer catch basin.  The Court granted summary judgment on the basis that the Plaintiff had failed to establish any defect with the catch basin, or any liability on the part of the PWSA.  The award of summary judgment spared the PWSA from the expenses of defending the case at trial, or conducting inquiries into the design of tens of thousands of catch basins in the City of Pittsburgh.

Bill’s client and the client’s former colleague were sentenced last week in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey. The client and his colleague were accused of orchestrating $3.9 million in bribe payments to foreign officials in various countries in order to secure government contracts for their company. The client pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and one substantive count of violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The client was sentenced to two years of probation and received a $10,000 fine. As a result, he will go home to the Philippines. The Sentencing Guidelines called for a sentence of 57 to 60 months. 

Represented, counseled, coached, and encouraged a grass roots citizens group, through more than 20 contentious public hearings and meetings, in its successful efforts to thwart the rezoning and sale by a prominent and politically powerful non-profit of one of the last old growth forests in suburban Philadelphia.

Mel Karfis, Stephanie Anderson, and Bishop Bartoni recently obtained a unanimous defense verdict in a products liability lawsuit pending in Rusk County, Wisconsin. The Plaintiff sustained serious permanent injuries and disfigurement when he fell approximately 25 feet from a treestand shattering both legs. The Plaintiff claimed that the safety harness he was utilizing at the time of the fall, manufactured by the Defendant, did not operate properly and failed to arrest his fall. The Plaintiff claimed he received the wrong warnings and instructions for his product and that the safety harness instructions and labeling were inadequate and a direct cause of the accident. Defendant responded that the Plaintiff failed to properly utilize the safety harness as directed from the manufacturer. Defendant also submitted evidence, along with expert testing, that the cause of the accident was not some defect or inadequate warnings or instructions, but rather the Plaintiff’s misuse of the product which was a direct result of the accident. The 11 person jury unanimously agreed with the Defendant’s position and rendered a defense verdict in less than an hour.

Challenging the NHTSA tire pressure monitoring system rule

Defended a gasoline pipeline company in litigation alleging personal injury from exposure to indoor air vapors from petroleum pipeline ruptured by a third party

Represented a utility in seeking regulatory approvals for an electric transmission line from the Canadian border across the State of Maine

Challenged the EPA’s chlorofluorocarbon rule application to a manufacturer of foam

Developed defenses for a trade association to scientifically invalid claims that the members’ products might increase the incidence of asthma among people exposed to emissions from the products

Developed scientific expert testimony in a property damage lawsuit against a manufacturer who disposed of arsenic wastes which allegedly resulted in arsenic groundwater plumes in a residential neighborhood; resulting in a jury verdict for the defendant

Advising a trade association concerning allegations that children and adults may be exposed to carcinogenic and other hazardous chemicals from products made in part of a recycled (post-consumer) product originally manufactured by the trade association’s members.  The legal risks include federal and state regulatory liability and potential personal injury claims

Defended a specialty chemical company in a personal injury suit involving alleged present-day exposure to chemicals (including toluene) from a historic pine tar production facility, including preparing for a Frye/Daubert hearing

Represented a New Jersey developer in his lawsuit against an industry research arm due to the contamination of the groundwater near his home with volatile organic chemicals (including trichloroethylene) which had migrated on to his property

Sam Hornak’s recent argument before the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania in King v. Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority (PWSA) resulted in a favorable opinion for our client the PWSA. Sam defended the PWSA against a Plaintiff who alleged that the PWSA was responsible for an injury suffered as a result of a rusted sewer grate. The Court reaffirmed the PWSA’s current inspection policies which rely on complaint-based investigation and that the PWSA is not obligated to “patrol the streets” looking for defects in its facilities. 

The Split Ring sculpture, by Clement Meadmore, will return to downtown Grand Rapids in June 2016. It originally sat outside the Frey building before being moved to Woodland Mall. The sculpture is now returning to downtown after almost 50 years. Steve Stapleton and Ingrid Jensen worked on the negotiations and contracts to bring this iconic piece back to the heart of downtown.


Lead counsel in 3 ½ year commercial loan work out involving nine separate federal and state lawsuits In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York where community bank client recovered substantially the entire eight figure, 10 year old debt owed by the bank’s most recalcitrant borrower, with significant contributions from his foreign partners, despite seemingly intractable fraudulent transfer and lien priority issues. 

Engaged by an international carrier to establish uniform, company-wide reinsurance templates for more than twenty products, covering more than $1b in annual ceded risk

Lead counsel for an appointed actuarial firm before the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as in SDNY class action, wherein the allegations included the sufficiency of public company’s loss reserving

Lead counsel for an MGA in an Insurance Department investigation regarding unlicensed activity and excessive fees

Lead counsel for carrier in a three-member New York arbitration against four excess and a catastrophe layer of commercial auto clash cover reinsurance

Lead counsel in London-situs arbitration, where testimony and documents produced in U.S., involving the experience account balance of more than $25m for a property catastrophe excess, finite retrocession agreement involving 9-11 risks

Mel Karfis, Stephanie Anderson, Bishop Bartoni & Barry Sutton won a victory for their clients in a products liability case in Mississippi. The Plaintiffs filed their Complaint in the Circuit Court of Jasper County, Mississippi, one of the most plaintiff friendly jurisdictions in the South, for injuries resulting from a fall while using the subject treestand and full body safety harness. The Plaintiffs filed suit against the manufacturer, retailer, as well as the Treestand Manufacturers Association (TMA), which is a Mississippi voluntary non-profit trade association. Mel Karfis, Stephanie Anderson and Bishop Bartoni defended the manufacturer and removed this case to United States District Court for the Southern District of Mississippi based on fraudulent joinder of the non-diverse TMA. Plaintiffs filed a motion to remand the case back to state court. Sutton joined in opposition to the remand and filed a Motion to Dismiss on behalf of our other client, the TMA.

The Federal District Court, noting the heavy burden in establishing fraudulent joinder, held that Plaintiffs could not establish a viable claim against the TMA because the TMA was not a manufacturer, designer or seller and could not be liable under the Mississippi Product Liability Act. The Federal District Court further noted that Plaintiffs failed to plead any factual allegations that the TMA took any action or made any representations that resulted in the injury. Plaintiffs Motion for Remand was denied and the District Court properly found that the TMA was improperly joined for the sole purpose of defeating diversity jurisdiction. As such, the District Court further dismissed the TMA with prejudice from the suit and Clark Hill will continue to defend its clients in Federal Court, escaping the very dangerous local state court.

National and coordinating counsel for excess workers comp carrier providing coverage for self-funded employers, captives, and trade associations, appearing in more than two dozen federal court matters across the country

Karfis, Bartoni, and Anderson recently obtained dismissal in a products liability action pending in the Northern District of Iowa involving a hunting ladderstand. The Plaintiff alleged that the subject ladderstand was defectively designed and lacked proper warnings. The Plaintiff was attempting to install the ladderstand when the metal frame of the ladderstand bent causing the Plaintiff to fall to the ground and sustain serious injuries. Plaintiff also alleged that he did not receive any written warnings or instructions with the subject ladderstand and thus there was also a manufacturing defect for the subject ladderstand. Defendant asserted that there was no defect with the subject ladderstand and the design had met all industry performance standards. Defendant also obtained very favorable testimony that even if the Plaintiff did not receive the written warnings and instructions, he proceeded to attempt to utilize the ladderstand knowing the warnings and instructions were missing which established the assumption of risk defense. The Defendant filed a Daubert motion to strike the Plaintiff’s expert as well as motion for summary judgment that there was no defect with the subject ladderstand. In response, knowing the very strong position Defendant had developed in the case, the Plaintiff agreed to voluntary dismissal with prejudice as to all counts, dismissing the case in its entirety.

After 3 ½ years, the dogged prosecution of nine separate federal and state lawsuits In Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, and two late night closings, all involving seemingly intractable fraudulent transfer and lien priority issues, a multi-disciplinary team of Clark Hill lawyers recently concluded a massive commercial loan work-out for our Bank client that resulted in the recovery of substantially the entire eight figure, 10 year old debt owed by the Bank’s most recalcitrant borrower, with significant contributions from his foreign partners. 

Mel Karfis, Bishop Bartoni, and Stephanie Anderson were successful in having summary judgment affirmed in favor of their clients in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit from a case pending in Federal Court in Louisiana. The Plaintiff sustained significant injuries to his back resulting in multiple surgical repairs and permanent disabling conditions after falling from a treestand he claimed was defective and unreasonably dangerous. The defense presented expert testimony and evidence to establish that Plaintiff had left the treestand exposed to the outdoor elements for years resulting in deterioration of the webbing material of the straps holding the treestand in the tree. Defendant established Plaintiff failed to present sufficient evidence to establish his claims, which resulted in summary judgment in favor of Defendants. The Fifth Circuit Court affirmed finding that Plaintiff’s evidence was purely speculative inferences of a defective condition and agreed with Defendants that Plaintiff could not exclude other possible explanations for the straps’ breaking, including misuse. The Fifth Circuit Court also affirmed that the district court properly granted summary judgment of Plaintiffs warning claims because Plaintiff explicitly admitted his knowledge of the danger associated with environmental exposure of the subject product.

Mel Karfis, Stephanie Anderson and Bishop Bartoni obtained a “no cause of action” in a binding arbitration in a wrongful death products liability action involving an allegedly defective safety harness. The Plaintiff’s estate brought a wrongful death action alleging that Defendant’s safety harness did not operate properly and arrest his fall while utilizing a treestand. Plaintiff alleged the safety harness malfunctioned when the Plaintiff fell from his treestand allowing him to fall to the ground and sustain fatal injuries in front of his two young children. The Plaintiff alleged the safety harness was defectively designed and also provided inadequate warnings. The safety harness manufacturer asserted there was no defect with the safety harness and the warnings were adequate. After presentation of the Defendant’s corporate representative and several experts, as well as effectively cross-examining the Plaintiff’s fact witness and experts, the arbitrator found completely in Defendant’s favor and found “no cause of action”.

Mark Sifferman has successfully pursued an appeal for our client by persuading the Arizona Court of Appeals that all lienholders are entitled to redeem property sold at a mortgage foreclosure sale. The trial court denied the attempt by our client (the holder of a homeowners association lien) to obtain a deed to property through redemption, ruling that Arizona law grants redemptive rights to only judgment lienholders and junior mortgagees. The client hired Mark and Clark Hill to appeal that decision. The problem facing us on appeal was that the Arizona statute relied on by the trial court seemingly supported that court’s ruling. We argued on appeal, however, that the trial court had applied the wrong statute and that another statute granted all lienholders, including our client, the right to redeem. Our argument required tracing the more than 115 year history of the two statutes, establishing the law of the states (Minnesota and California) from which the Arizona Territorial Legislature originally borrowed the statutes, and deciphering a fairly obscure 1925 decision of the Arizona Supreme Court. Our efforts proved fruitful when the Arizona Court of Appeals issued its published opinion on March 17 holding that all lienholders, not just judgment lienholders and junior mortgagees, are entitled to redeem after a mortgage foreclosure sale. In reaching its decision, the appellate court agreed with all aspects of our argument, including our historical analysis. The trial court was instructed that a deed to the property should be issued to our client.

Mel Karfis and Bishop Bartoni, assisted by Catherine Parker,  recently won a products liability action in the Northern District Federal Court of Pennsylvania involving a treestand. The Plaintiff was attempting to install Defendant’s ladderstand when the metal frame of the ladderstand bent causing the Plaintiff to fall to the ground and sustain serious injuries. Defendant alleged that the ladderstand was defectively designed, utilized inferior metal and also failed to provide clear and adequate warnings for proper and safe use. The Defendant responded that the sole cause of the action was the Plaintiff’s material misuse of the ladderstand, including numerous material assembly and installation errors. The Defendant responded by attacking the Plaintiffs expert’s opinions and was successful in excluding the Plaintiff’s expert. Defendant also filed a motion for summary judgment on the basis that without an expert, the Plaintiff could not establish any type of products liability case. The Court agreed and struck the Plaintiff’s liability expert. The Court dismissed the Plaintiffs design defect claim. The Plaintiff attempted to assert he could proceed on a failure to warn case even without an expert. The Court allowed the parties to brief the issue and ultimately the Court agreed with the Defendant and the case was dismissed in its entirety with prejudice.

Mel Karfis and Bishop Bartoni obtained summary judgment on a products liability case pending in Virginia Federal Court. Plaintiff was using steel screw in tree steps to allow him to ascend a tree to get to his hunting treestand. Plaintiff claimed one of the steps broke causing him to fall and sustain serious permanent injuries. Plaintiff argued that inferior steel lead to the tree step breaking. Plaintiff denied that he had left the tree step in a growing tree for many years. After cutting down the tree and taking a cross-section of the tree at the point where the step was screwed into the tree, Defendant was able to ascertain that the Plaintiff was not being forthright. Counting the inner rings of the tree, Defendant’s expert determined that Plaintiff had left the step in the tree for at least 8 years. Defendant also successfully cross-examined Plaintiff’s mechanical engineer and metallurgist that the observed damage was the result of tree growth applying forces to the tree step causing the eventual facture. We subsequently moved for dismissal arguing that there was no evidence to establish a defect, that Plaintiff failed to heed the warnings to remove the step and that Plaintiff’s misuse caused the accident, supported by the evidence learned during discovery. The Court agreed and dismissed the Plaintiffs entire case.

Mel Karfis, Bishop Bartoni, Paul Scheidemantel, and Vince Roskovensky recently obtained summary judgment in a products liability case pending in Pennsylvania Federal Court. In this suit, Plaintiff claimed he suffered significant injuries when he fell from a purportedly defective ladder style treestand. Plaintiff’s expert opined that the design of the ladder was defective, despite the design being the industry standard. The Plaintiffs expert further opined that the warnings were defective because the warning sticker on the ladder itself was not readable by the user, despite the numerous adequate warnings found on the stand and in the instruction manual. After effective cross-examination of Plaintiffs expert during deposition, we filed a motion to preclude Plaintiffs expert from testifying at trial. We also argued in a dispositive motion that Plaintiff had no evidence of a defect in the product and that if the court agreed with our other motion, Plaintiff had no expert to establish a strict products liability claim under Pennsylvania law. The Court agreed with our arguments, struck Plaintiffs expert from testifying and dismissed Plaintiffs complaint in its entirety.

Bob Strong and Sean Gallagher recently achieved a reversal in the Michigan Court of Appeals of the Michigan Public Service Commission’s denial of summary disposition on a claim that the Commission exceeded its statutory authority when it authorized the defendant regulated utility company to raise electrical rates for Clark Hill’s client, a significant North American industrial energy transporter, generator, and distributor, at its facility in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  Arguing the settlement resolved a disputed legal issue, the Commission approved the rate increases in 2012 under guise of approval of a settlement agreement from 2009 that included a rate-increasing accounting mechanism. The Commission approved the rate increase despite a prior Court of Appeals opinion holding that the statutory authority of electric utilities did not allow for use of the accounting mechanism.  Under Bob’s direction, Sean drafted the brief and handled oral argument before the Court of Appeals panel, which included the judge who authored the prior opinion.  In a published opinion, the unanimous panel decided the rate increases were ultra vires based on interpretation of clear statutory language and the prior Court of Appeals decision interpreting the Commission’s authorizing statute.  The Court of Appeals ordered the case remanded for further proceedings before the Commission, which are expected to involve determination of the amount of refund owed to Clark Hill’s client, likely in excess of $200,000, and potentially all of the ratepayers of the utility, which could exceed $10,000,000.  

Successfully argued to the Michigan Supreme Court that the termination of a joint tenancy caused solely by the death of the other joint tenant is not a transfer of ownership that uncaps the property taxes under the General Property Tax Act (GPTA).

Successfully argued to the Michigan Supreme Court that the offer of judgment rule (MCR 2.405) did not apply to a monetary settlement offer in return for a quitclaim deed in a quiet title action because said offer was not a "judgment for a sum certain" under MCR 2.405.

Represented a public safety communications consortium in an action to vacate a significant arbitration award regarding a dispute with a contractor retained to implement an integrated automated public safety system. The District Court agreed with our arguments that the arbitrator exceeded his authority and vacated the arbitration award. The U.S. Circuit Court for the Sixth Circuit affirmed the District Court's opinion and order. 

Successfully obtained summary judgment for the defendant in a premises liability action claiming a significant head injury and substantial monetary damages that was removed to federal court based on diversity of citizenship. The District Court held that the accumulation of ice and snow on the retailer's roof was an open and obvious danger under Michigan law. 

Bob Gordon and Charles Murphy were mentioned in an October 9, 2015 Wall Street Journal article, “Ponzi Schemer’s Bad Investments Lead To Arbitration Award”, regarding a securities fraud case before FINRA arbitrators in which they obtained a $2.75 million consent award, following four weeks of hearings conducted by Charles Murphy and Eric Shih. 

Bob Ridge and Elizabeth Collura obtained a significant victory in the Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, on behalf of our client who is an inmate in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. DOC facilities have recently come under scrutiny from the Department of Justice for the inhumane treatment of inmates in solitary confinement.  The inmate has been held in solitary confinement for over seven years. A corrections officer mistakenly released him from his cell. Once the officers secured him and de-escalated the situation, they restrained him in a restrictive movement chair for over 14 hours. The District Court granted summary judgment for the defendants and dismissed the case. On appeal, the Third Circuit issued a precedential opinion, holding that the District Court misapplied the legal standard for evaluating excessive force claims in 8th Amendment civil rights cases. The Third Circuit also held that the District Court must analyze the Department of Justice’s reports on the DOC facilities under the Rules of Evidence, because they may be relevant evidence at trial. 


Eric Dorkin, MacKenzie Hyde and Ray Koenig obtained a significant victory in the 1st District Appellate Court. In a case of first impression, the Illinois Appellate Court granted Clark Hill’s emergency appeal in favor of Nina L., a minor seeking to apply for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status to stay in the United States following her 18th birthday.  The trial court had denied Nina L.’s request for the judicial findings necessary for her to apply to remain in the United States after being abandoned by her natural parents.  The trial court held that it was not proper for it to enter findings pursuant to federal statute.  The Appellate Court reversed and entered the required findings itself on an emergency basis so that Nina L. could timely file the required documents with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, as her 18th birthday was just days away.  

As reported in the local legal press, “This is a case that really mattered,” said Dorkin, who represented Nina L. “If the case was decided the other way, she was going back to Taiwan with no known family or connections and just a high school degree, and I think that’s a recipe for lifelong disaster.”

Danny Cerrone recently obtained a non-jury verdict in favor of the firm’s client, Morgan Franklin & Co., in the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.  Morgan Franklin held a 5% ownership interest in a limited partnership.  In 2002, the general partner informed Morgan Franklin that the limited partnership was going to dissolve, and that Morgan Franklin would receive the pro rata book value of the company.  Morgan Franklin received payment of around $200,000, based upon the purported book value.  After receiving the payment, Morgan Franklin learned that the general partner sold the limited partnership for $34 million.  Allen Lopus and Robert Ridge sued the general partner on behalf of Morgan Franklin and, in 2006, received an arbitration award of approximately $2 million on behalf of Morgan Franklin.  In 2010, the general partner filed suit against Morgan Franklin for claims of breach of implied contract, unjust enrichment and quantum meruit based upon an alleged indemnification obligation arising out of the sale of the limited partnership and the arbitration award.  Essentially, the general partner argued that the limited partnership sellers were required to defend and indemnify the purchaser and that, because of the arbitration award, Morgan Franklin was a de facto seller, and thus obligated to indemnify under the sales agreement.  The non-jury trial resulted in a defense verdict in favor of Morgan Franklin, with a strong opinion from the Judge in our favor.

Ryan Lorenz and Sean Carroll were successful in obtaining a reversal of a $12 million verdict against their client, Sherry Petta, in a published opinion of the Arizona Court of Appeals. Desert Palm Surgical Group PLC v. Petta, 236 Ariz. 568, 343 P.3d 438 (App. 2015). On July 30, 2015, the Arizona Supreme Court denied the Carlottis’ petition for review, thereby ending the appeal in Ms. Petta’s favor.


Jack Kalmink and Mary Kalmink represent a long-standing client of the firm who, along with other investors, invested $13,000,000 in a building project in Texas.  As an inducement to get the client to make this investment, two of the investors signed Personal Guarantees for a total of $5,000,000.  The project failed and the lenders foreclosed on the property.  The client sought to recover on the Personal Guarantees to recoup some of its losses.  The investors refused to pay on the Personal Guarantees, so Jack and Mary Kalmink filed lawsuits on behalf of their clients in federal courts in Phoenix and San Diego where the investors lived.  The San Diego investors filed a motion to dismiss the case as a matter of law.  Mary Kalmink drafted the briefs in response to the motion to dismiss.  The Judge issued a written opinion, denying the investors’ motion, thus allowing the lawsuit for $2.5 million to proceed in San Diego, and precluding a similar motion in the Phoenix lawsuit.

On behalf of two of our firm’s largest clients, a multi-office and multi-practice group team of Clark Hill attorneys and others recently obtained a $7,300,000 non-dischargeable fraud and conversion judgment by summary proceedings against their opposition in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia. The ruling came after substantial briefing completed by Jordan Bolton (Birmingham – Litigation), Peter Jackson (Detroit – Bankruptcy), and Stuart Schwartz (Detroit – Construction); and a nearly two-hour oral argument session, led by Jordan and Stuart, and supported by Tim Lee (Detroit – Summer Associate). Substantial additional support was provided by one of our client’s outside general counsel, Ronald King (Lansing – Litigation).

Estate of Donald Howell v. Donald Brenard Howell, 2015 IL App (1st) 133247 and 1140810 (cons.)

Represent national lender in actions against borrowers and guarantors on defaulted multi-million dollar loan agreements and lines of credit, including successfully defending against lender liability claims in state and federal bankruptcy court, successfully obtaining judgments against and pursuing guarantors in state court, successfully obtaining a charging order over a guarantor’s interests in a limited liability company, and pursuing separate foreclosure actions against guarantors.

The Raymond W. Pontarelli Trust, et al. v. Michael Pontarelli, et al., 2015 IL App (1st) 133138

In re Estate of Leonard Koenen, 2014 IL App (1st) 140080-U

Successfully oversaw litigation at arbitration, trial, appeal, and Illinois Supreme Court regarding the closure of State facilities and employee layoffs.

Represented national real estate developer at trial in tax assessment dispute, which resulted in an unprecedented reduction in taxes for client.

Successfully managed challenge to $31 billion capital bill, seeking to strike down entire bill.

Oversaw major class actions, including challenges to $100 billion pension reform legislation and enhanced retiree healthcare payments.

Represented a multinational banking institution throughout regulatory compliance, and provided strategic analysis regarding the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, the Home Affordable Modification Program, as well as state foreclosure and consumer fraud laws

Represented client against shareholder claims challenging proposed merger

Represented a multinational banking institution in federal and state court actions relating to foreclosure processes

Represented a financial services client in class action alleging violations of state and federal securities laws

Represented client in proxy contest involving shareholder proposal for change to board of directors

Represented a nationwide publisher in various individual matters alleging violations of the federal Copyright Act

Obtained dismissal on the eve of trial of multi-million dollar claim against commercial landlord for alleged breach of lease exclusive;  client landlord received full indemnification from violating tenant, including counsel fees, and paid nothing toward settlement

Successfully defended coal mining company in state court litigation by land owners, involving breach of contract, fraud and civil conspiracy claims in connection with lease disputes

Represent and defend substantial real estate developer and owner against large scale mechanic’s lien claims surrounding work and improvements performed by tenant

Represent national real estate company in various contract and business tort disputes, including not only litigation but advising on pre-litigation strategies and cost beneficial approaches

Defended coal mining company against claims for statutory violations, breach of implied contract/unjust enrichment, breach of contract, negligence, misrepresentation, unfair trade practices, trespass in property damage and subsidence actions by landowners

Judson Atkinson Candies, Inc. v. Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec, et al., 476 F. Supp. 2d 913, (N.D. Ill., 2007), affirmed by Seventh Circuit in Judson Atkinson Candies, Inc. v. Latini-Hohberger Dhimantec, 529 F.3d 371 (7th Cir. 2008). Obtained summary judgment, upheld on appeal to the Seventh Circuit, for defendant clients in a $3.2 Million alter ego and veil piercing case.

CNH Capital America LLC v. Trainor Grain & Supply, Co, et al., 478 B.R. 876, 78 U.C.C. Rep. Serv. 2d 782 (2012). Obtained summary judgment on behalf of a lender claiming rights to crop proceeds under the Uniform Commercial Code against a grain elevator claiming setoff rights under both a contract and the Food Security Act.

Represented a large, multinational corporation in a multi-million dollar arbitration involving breach-of-contract claim. 

Represented a multinational chemical corporation in an anti-dumping matter.

Provided advice and counsel to an international union on various matters. 

Represented national financial institution in a suit alleging conversion, tortious interference, and breach of contract. 

Phillips v. Bally Total Fitness Holding Corp., 372 Ill. App. 3d 53 (1st Dist. 2007) Obtained dismissal of putative nationwide class action alleging violations of the Illinois Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Practices Act. Kent also successfully argued the appeal before the First District Appellate Court of Illinois.

Represented a large regional energy company in a multi-million dollar breach-of-contract suit. 

Successfully defending a trustee in an undue influence and breach of fiduciary duty case in the Wayne County Probate Court.

Representing leading diesel engine manufacturer in breach of warranty, breach of contract and product liability disputes.

Defending Chase Manhattan Mortgage Company in several real estate cases in Wayne County Circuit Court.

Successfully defending world’s largest insurance broker against a multi-million dollar claim in a multiple week state jury trial. The matter settled for less than 10% of the claimed damages just prior to closing statements.

Successfully defending Tier 1 automotive supplier in million dollar breach of contract action. Secured dismissal via motion for directed verdict at arbitration.

Obtaining foreclosures of commercial properties for many of the nation's leading banking institutions.

Successfully representing plaintiffs and defendants in numerous injunctive proceedings and evidentiary hearings.

Representing one the country's largest retailers in trade dress and copyright lawsuit against a Chinese manufacturer.

Defending a registered representative in a FINRA arbitration brought by several customers over a failed investment sold to the customers by an unrelated promoter.

Successfully defending Tier 1 automotive supplier in federal court jury trial involving tort claims. Obtained judgment of no cause of action as to one plaintiff. As to second plaintiff, the jury issued an award for only 2% of the claimed damages.

Successfully defending manufacturers/property owners in claims brought by workers allegedly exposed to dangerous work conditions. Obtained summary judgment dismissing plaintiffs' claims. Grants of summary judgment were affirmed on appeal.

Successfully obtaining judgment and collection in Oakland County Circuit Court against a series of real estate LLC entities, including reverse piercing

Serving as a facilitator in an automobile supplier contract dispute involving Johnson Controls, ThyssenKrupp Steel Services and other entities

Represented the former Chairman of Audit Committee of a Fortune 500 corporation in SEC option backdating investigation that resulted in no action being taken against the client by SEC. 

Represented the Russian Federation and its Federal Atomic Energy Agency (FAAE) in a federal action in the Eastern District of Michigan to recover $300 million of smuggled isotopes from a Russian company and its major shareholder who had fled to St. Kitts

Defending and achieving a favorable resolution and dismissal for Norstar, a Florida construction company, in an action brought by its former president in Fort Myers, Florida

Serving as an internal arbitrator at Henry Ford Health Systems in a physician staff privilege hearing

Obtaining a no-cause for (Cambridge Group Investments), an internet bond broker-dealer, in a FINRA securities arbitration brought by a customer in Los Angeles, California

Obtaining summary dismissal of a business claim brought by a broker-dealer against a departing representative

Representing elderly investors in two FINRA arbitrations involving the inappropriate sale of variable life and annuity products

Represented a former CEO of a publicly traded company in an SEC investigation concerning allegations that CEO failed to disclose information concerning prior regulatory and criminal history of consultants hired by the company. 

Represented multi-national energy company in a FINRA inquiry and SEC investigation regarding allegations of insider trading. 

Represented a Canadian accounting firm in a SEC option backdating investigation of a multinational corporation that resulted in no action being taken against the client by SEC.

Represented a broker-dealer and its principals and a trader in a NASD inquiry. The result was no action taken by the NASD against the client. 

Represented two consultants to an over-the-counter bulletin board (OTCBB) company in an SEC enforcement investigation concerning registration violations, false and misleading statements via electronic methods, and a scheme to defraud. 

Represented 12 individuals who participated in a 504 offering in an SEC informal inquiry, with the SEC taking no action taken against any individuals. 

Represented two related broker-dealer firms and their officers in an NASD investigation. 

Represented a broker-dealer and its president in an SEC civil enforcement proceeding concerning failure to supervise brokers and engaging in manipulative and deceptive practices. 

Successfully shepherding and negotiating departures of registered representatives from numerous broke-dealers and negotiating employment agreements with broker-dealers

Representing a regional bank in a FINRA arbitration against a broker-dealer and insurance company arising out of the inappropriate sale of bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) to officers of the bank

Achieving a very substantial settlement buy out during arbitration on behalf of a founding oppressed minority shareholder of National Precast, Inc., a precast construction company

Lead defense counsel in claim against automotive dealership involving allegations of substantial injuries arising out of faulty vehicle service and failed airbag. Obtained extremely favorable settlement for client

Court-appointed Receiver in an SEC enforcement action entitled Securities and Exchange Commission v. Gregory N. McKnight, et al., involving an Internet-based international Ponzi scheme that raised approximately $75 million

Representing two registered representatives of UBS in a FINRA Review in fall 2008 of closed-end fund trading practices at the UBS Scottsdale, Arizona office. FINRA Review discontinued following depositions

Defending Delphi’s Director of Capital Planning in the SEC enforcement action against Delphi and its former officers and related securities matters, in the Eastern District of Michigan

Successfully obtaining dismissals of four cases brought by the Fort Street Presbyterian Church against the Presbytery of Detroit in the Wayne County Probate Court alleging mismanagement of two endowment funds and breaches of fiduciary investment duties

Representing broker-dealer, investment advisor and two principals in FINRA Case No. 08-04137. Nature of Case: Securities fraud and suitability

Representing the Receiver for Legisi Marketing, Inc. and Gregory McKnight, vs. Alan Goddard McGowan Pak & Partners, et al., FINRA 09-01690. Receiver was appointed in an SEC Enforcement Proceeding brought against Gregory McKnight and Legisi Marketing, Inc. for operating an internet Ponzi scheme. The FINRA arbitration involves suitability, churning, and other claims against the broker-dealer and representatives who sold restricted stock in former shell companies to Legisi. Also pursuing separate securities claims against Elite Consulting Group, LLC and Edgetech, Case No. 2:09-cv-10772, and against Royal Palm Real Estate Investment Fund LLP et. al. Case No 2:09-cv-1170, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan

Successfully defending Merrill Lynch Trust Company in a breach of fiduciary investment duty claim brought in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Lead counsel for litigant in contentious personal protection litigation which spanned two years and ended in favor of Kevin’s client in the Michigan Supreme Court. See Evarian v. Michalski, 2004 Mich. App. LEXIS 456 (February 17, 2004); lv. den., 471 Mich 866; 683 NW2d 670 (2004)

Lead counsel for multi-state electrical components supplier in construction lien foreclosure litigation leading to top priority of the lien in favor of Kevin’s client over the mortgage of a national bank

Lead counsel for loan servicer of national bank in receivership actions in five counties involving default under $13 million loan. Obtained the appointment of receiver to manage and operate collateral

Lead defense counsel in dispute over lease of warehouse involving over $1 million in claims. Filed motion for summary judgment leading to successful resolution of action

Counsel for national bank in receivership and judicial foreclosure action. Obtained appointment of receiver and judgment for foreclosure of $9 million defaulted loan. Successfully defended two interlocutory appeals contesting the appointment of receiver and foreclosure of loan

 Trial counsel for global food and beverage company with locations in 44 countries. Obtained summary judgment in federal district court dismissing opposing party’s claims, including sanctions against the opposing lawyer. See Dunkin’ Donuts Franchised Restaurants v. Mr. Omar, Inc. et al., 2008 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 18001 (E.D. Mich., Mar. 10, 2008); 2008 U. S. Dist. LEXIS 39849 (E.D. Mich., May 16, 2008)

Counsel for shareholders of in securities arbitration in Phoenix, Arizona and a federal securities action in the Central District of California arising out of the acquitision of by Autobytel in a stock purchase subject to a later financial restatement by Autobytel

Recently conducted jury trial for five weeks as one of two principal trial attorneys on behalf of former Delphi employee in securities enforcement action brought by the SEC against Delphi and its former officers in the United States District Court (E.D. Mich.), Judge Avern Cohn presiding. The litigation was successfully resolved as to Mr. Fanning's client prior to verdict

Represented several high level Collins & Aikman executives, vs. Collins & Aikman Corporation, et al., in United States Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, Adversary Proceeding No. 08- 04709-swr. Case involved issue of whether the Collins & Aikman “Top Hat Plan” for high level executives complied with the Plan and ERISA so as to be excluded from the debtor’s estate

Representing Hunt Construction, the general contractor for the Northwest Airlines Mid-Field Terminal Project at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in numerous construction cases in federal and state court arising out of delays, scheduling, acceleration, and termination of sub-contractors with over 100 million dollars at issue

Representing the shareholders and former officers of in AAA securities arbitration in Phoenix, Arizona and a federal securities action in the Central District of California arising out of the acquisition of by Autobytel with stock subject to a later financial restatement by Autobytel

Represented owner of commercial property in lawsuit against title insurance company to recover value of easement
Argued before the Pennsylvania Superior Court, Commonwealth Court, Supreme Court and West Virginia Supreme Court.
Returned to first priority a multi-million dollar residential loan of a Fortune 10 bank against claims of consumer fraud

Successfully represented mall developer in multi-million dollar contract and tort action against shopping center chain involving real estate disputes, lease disputes, intentional interference claims and related contract and tort claims. Jury Trial, Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Represented reinsurer in reinsurance arbitration regarding setoff issues
Represented property owners in condemnation proceedings commenced by governmental entities
Successfully negotiated a consent order and agreement with state and local environmental agencies, reducing the penalty from $3,125,000 to $125,000 and enabling an automobile shredder business to continue to operate.
Represented financial institutions in Orphans Court matters involving trustee's alleged breach of fiduciary duty

Health Care Industry Litigation - Participated and litigated in several federal bankruptcy and state court receivership proceedings of hospitals.

Insurance Industry Regulation - Represented insurers at hearings before the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

Represented national pharmaceutical wholesaler in various workouts and adversarial proceedings around the country
Defended coal mining company against claims for violation of the Pennsylvania Bituminous Mine Subsidence Act, breach of implied contract / unjust enrichment, breach of contract, and trespass in property damage and subsidence actions by landowners
Represented hospital and pathologist in wrongful death action alleging failure to properly interpret pathology and failure of hospital’s tumor committee to properly assess available information.

Antitrust and Trade Regulation - Reported antitrust decisions include the following: Pennsylvania Dental Association v. Medical Service Association of Pennsylvania, 815 F.2d 270 (3d Cir. 1987), rev’g, 632 F.Supp. 653 (M.D. Pa. 1986), cert denied, 484 U.S. 851 (1987); Pennsylvania Dental Association v. Medical Service Association of Pennsylvania, 745 F.2d 248 (3d Cir. 1984), aff’g, 574 F.Supp. 457 (M.D. Pa. 1983), cert. denied, 471 U.S. 1060 (1985).

Employment Litigation - Successfully defended sexual harassment and wrongful discharge claims against corporate employers.

Franchise Law and Litigation - Pursued franchisor's rights against franchisee.

Antitrust and Trade Regulation - Represented corporations and other business organizations in numerous complex antitrust cases at the trial and appellate levels.

Represented coal, oil and gas companies in disputes with landowners and operators
Represented Fortune 500 insurance company in various lawsuits including ERISA, benefits, and breach of contract actions
Represented financial institution in claims involving breaches of affirmative covenants, negative covenants and financial covenants including tangible net worth, debt service coverage ratios, debt to EBITDA ratios and debt to equity ratios in loan documents.
Successfully represented hospital and emergency room physician in wrongful death action in Ohio County, West Virginia, arising out of the alleged misdiagnosis of a subarachnoid hemorrhage. Jury verdict upheld by West Virginia Supreme Court. Kemp v. Wheeling Hospital, et al., Circuit Court of Ohio County, West Virginia, Civil Action No. 00-C-90Re.­

Insurance Industry Regulation - Represented insurance companies on regulatory matters before the Pennsylvania and out-of-state Insurance Departments.

Defended coal mining company in state court litigation by land owners, involving breach of contract, fraud, and civil conspiracy claims, in connection with a coal lease and an oil and gas lease
Represented reinsurer in lawsuit involving asbestos claims paid under Wellington Agreement
Obtained an extremely rare writ of prohibition against a trial judge, on an emergency basis, from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, in the case of Mayer v. Garman, 912 A.2d 762 (Pa. 2006)
Represented cedents in workers’ compensation reinsurance arbitrations

Managed Care and Health Care Industry Litigation - Represented health insurers in antitrust, bankruptcy and creditor’s rights, professional association, class action, contract, employee benefits, ERISA, employment, fraud, managed care, insurance industry regulatory, RICO and miscellaneous tort litigation.

Represented corporations in product liability cases resulting in alleged injuries to consumers

Franchise Law and Litigation - Litigated franchisees’ rights against franchisor.

Successfully litigated a commercial case in a two-week non-jury trial obtaining a verdict of $235,000 and a defense verdict on plaintiff’s multi-million dollar counterclaim.
Successfully defended entrepreneur against RICO claims arising from alleged misappropriation of trade secrets.
Defended international chemical manufacturer and supplier against allegations of negligence, strict liability and breach of warranty in personal injury and wrongful death actions involving alleged exposure to the legionella bacteria
Defended stock options claims against a Fortune 500 Company
Represented Bank in a three-party securitization program for hospital account receivables
Successfully represented contractors in obtaining contractual payments and liens in excess of $1,000,000 owed for extensive work performed in erection of local stadium

Antitrust and Trade Regulation - Counseled business organizations on applicability of antitrust laws.

Represented employees in matters relating to non-competition agreements
Represented hospital in case alleging negligent positioning during surgery, subsequent development of decubitus ulcer, misdiagnosis and mistreatment of the ulcer. Motion to dismiss granted
Defended broker dealer in FINRA securities arbitration involving claims for breach of contract, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, respondeat superior, unsuitability, misrepresentation and other claims brought by consumer
Successfully defended area hospital against employee claims of hostile work environment and retaliation under Conscientious Employee Protection Act (“Whistleblower’s” Act), resulting in dismissal of all claims by the trial court. Successfully defended appeal of dismissal before Appellate Court and state Supreme Court
Successfully represented a mortgage warehousing lender against various defendants, including a large regional bank, for conversion of funds, leading to verdict of $352,000,000
Represented employers in litigation in federal and state courts seeking injunctive relief and damages arising out of violations of restrictive covenants including non-competition, non-solicitation, non-disclosure and trade secret covenants in employment agreements
Defended municipal pension fund in various lawsuits involving claims for disability benefits arising under Pennsylvania law and city ordinances
Represented regional newspaper and obtained judgments against various creditors

Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Litigation - Tried/argued bankruptcy cases on behalf of creditors in U.S. District Courts in the Western, Middle and Eastern Districts of Pennsylvania; Southern District of New York; Northern District of Illinois; and Second and Third Circuit United States Courts of Appeal.

Successfully represented clients in federal court action brought by offshore captive insurance company where claims involved alleged breach of loan guarantee agreements surrounding clients’ participation in alleged abusive and fraudulent offshore tax shelter scheme. Action settled favorably to clients while jury deliberating.  Advisory Jury Trial, Western District of Pennsylvania (2013)

Represented manufacturer in international contract dispute in federal court, successfully opposing the defendant's attempt to compel the matter to arbitration and achieving the affirmance of the U.S. Court of Appeal for the Third Circuit Court upon appeal.
Represented numerous sporting event associations in conjunction with liquor license issues and the protection of intellectual property rights
Represented worldwide distributor of semiconductor products in action for misappropriation of trade secrets under Pennsylvania Uniform Trade Secret Act and violation of non-competition agreement
Represented banking institution in check presentment warranty case resulting in dismissal of institution
Defended national bank against claims of negligence, defamation and alleged violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act in state court litigation by borrowers
Represented various manufacturers of asbestos-containing products in mass-tort litigation in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia
Defended international reverse logistics company in multi-million dollar action by an international perfume supplier against contractual and tort claims
Retained by California bankruptcy trustee as special counsel to pursue estate assets of mortgage warehousing company against various lenders
Represented insurers in landfill clean up actions
Represented a life insurance company in multidistrict class action litigation in federal court arising out of alleged sales practices. Resulted in a $1.6 million settlement. (W.D. Pa.)
Successfully defended national retail chain property owners, and individual property owners, in premises liability actions

Managed Care and Health Care Industry Litigation - Counseled clients and litigated third party reimbursement and accounting for reimbursement issues.

Public Finance and Public Finance Litigation - Listed in Bond Buyer’s Redbook of Municipal Bond Attorneys for more than 40 years.

Represented public entity and associated police force in matter involving claims of excessive force
Prosecuted an election challenge involving a Pittsburgh City Council seat.
Counseled national bank on matters relating to a proposed substantial funding of an out of state company embroiled in complex litigation proceedings and their effect on bank’s rights
Represented financial institution in class action alleging violations of consumer protection laws and damages in excess of $60 million
Represented law firm against claims brought by the Federal Trade Commission seeking to recover legal fees allegedly paid with tainted funds
Successfully defended area hospital against former employee claims of defamation and of retaliation under Conscientious Employee Protection Act (“Whistleblower’s” Act), resulting in dismissal of all claims by the trial court. Successfully defended appeal of dismissal before Appellate Court and state Supreme Court
Represented national bank in confession of judgment proceedings relating to commercial loan documents and guarantees and involving fraud and misrepresentation claims by borrowers

Public Finance and Public Finance Litigation - Represented a series of municipal authorities defending and successfully deflecting attempted takeovers by their incorporating municipalities.

Represented consumer bottling company in various matters involving, inter alia, breach of contract actions
Contract litigation
Represented hospital and physicians in various medical malpractice actions in Ohio and West Virginia.
Represented hospital in wrongful death action alleging failure to monitor and use appropriate restraints on a minor in emergency room.

Successfully represented international construction and engineering company in multi-million dollar contractual indemnity action, arising out of underlying lawsuits involving an oil refinery expansion project. Jury Trial, Corpus Christi, Texas

Franchise Law and Litigation - Litigated/defended franchisor in suit brought against the franchisor by franchisee for alleged breach/violation of the applicable franchise agreement.

Represented nationally traded commercial lender in breach of contract against property appraiser
Won a $1.7 million fraud verdict after a 10-day trial in the Commerce Program of the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia County
Achieved arbitration award in excess of $4 million for client in partnership dispute.
Pursued claims on behalf of national bank relating to breaches of loan contracts
Represented reinsurer in multi-national construction defect reinsurance arbitration involving claims of fraud and misrepresentation
Represented consumer lender and obtained judgment in compliance with federal and state Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Represented and counseled individual, business and corporate clients at all stages of litigation.
Represented public entity, police department and individual police officers in two-week trial involving civil rights and wrongful death claims, resulting in defense verdict on all counts

Antitrust and Trade Regulation - Lead Counsel in an antitrust case which successfully put an end to a decade’s long boycott against one of the largest dental insurers in the country.

Successfully defended class-action against mortgage lender and title company alleging violations of RESPA and TILA.

Litigation - During 1990s, obtained a nominal damage jury verdict in a multi-million dollar case against the third largest hardware cooperative in the nation, in which a midwestern bank brought claims of tortious interference and conversion.

Employment Litigation - During late 1970s, successfully defended a series of race and sex discrimination class actions brought against a major Pittsburgh corporation.

Represented owner of commercial property in lawsuit to retain buyer’s deposit
Co-counsel in trial of 11 FELA hearing loss and trauma cases in West Virginia State Court.
Represented various law firms against claims of breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, civil conspiracy, breach of contract, negligence, malicious prosecution and securities fraud
Defended companies, hospitals and individuals against breach of contract claims
Represented international law firm in its defense of a matter involving a multi-million dollar real estate project, resulting in summary judgment for law firm
Represented hospital and family practice resident in wrongful death action for failure to properly monitor patient and order proper diagnostic tests.­
Represented companies in both Federal and State environmental enforcement proceedings
Represented industrial mechanical products’ manufacturers/distributor against strict liability and negligence actions

Public Finance and Public Finance Litigation - Represented numerous public bodies, defending against challenges to bond issues, before courts and state agencies.

Insurance Industry Regulation - Successfully deflected an attempted hostile takeover of a domestic insurer by an out-of-state insurance company in proceedings before the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

Represented cedent in property reinsurance arbitration involving damage to computer chip boards
Defended business director, officer and owners in federal and state court actions involving fraud, misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty, conversion, and negligence claims - including class action and derivative claims - related to a cellular telecommunication license and ownership/control of a limited liability company
Represented cedent in reinsurance arbitration involving copyright infringement and product disparagement claims
Represented cedent in reinsurance arbitration involving construction defect/aggregation issues
Represented various manufacturers in multi-state, toxic tort class actions
Defeated defamation and invasion of privacy claims against a U.S. Congressman for allegedly false campaign literature and tactics
Successfully defended law firm in major securities fraud class action
Successfully defended household-name Fortune 500 company against product liability claims
Representative Products: Asbestos, plastic resins, and various chemicals.
Represented state agency in lawsuit involving application of public bidding laws

Franchise Law and Litigation - Successfully defended franchisor against litigation brought by Pennsylvania Attorney General for alleged violations of the Consumer Protection Act.

Represented directors of community bank in derivative action by shareholder.
Successfully represented municipal authority against putative class action claims relating to billing procedures
Successfully defended sign company against former employee claims of failure to pay bonuses
Represented hospital in wrongful death case arising out of subdural hematoma allegedly caused by patient’s fall during hospitalization.

Antitrust and Trade Regulation - Antitrust litigation experience includes representing clients in the insurance, health care, soft drink, construction, manufacturing, hardware and building materials industries.

Served as Special Counsel to investigate allegations of sexual abuse in a municipal youth sports program
Represented employee in lawsuit against former employer to recover unpaid commissions
Represented developer of shopping center in lawsuit against municipality to obtain permits necessary to pave center’s parking lot and roadways
Represented Limited Liability Company and its principal in pursuit of hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid monies, including bonuses and benefits, against energy companies
Represented brother in estate contest litigation involving trust administration and undue influence claims
Represented cedent in lawsuit and reinsurance arbitration regarding London Market’s attempted imposition of documentation requirements for coverage of asbestos bodily injury claims

Managed Care and Health Care Industry Litigation - Conducted corporate internal investigations and antitrust audits of participants in the health insurance industry.

Intellectual Property Litigation - Represented major health insurance company in suit to compel private arbitration of dispute under Trademark Act and alleged breach of fiduciary duty regarding alleged diversion of managed care business and use of famous trademark in connection with alleged diversion.

Franchise Law and Litigation - Negotiated terms of franchise agreements.

Represented hospital and family practice resident in action alleging delayed diagnosis/removal/biopsy of malignant melanoma.

Managed Care and Health Care Industry Litigation - Litigated issues related to institutional providers’ Medicaid cost reports.

Settled a multi-million dollar personal injury case with no payment to the plaintiff.
Represented reinsurer in reinsurance arbitration involving applicability of treaty limit provisions
Represented global manufacturer of respiratory protection products in silica litigation
Randy is knowledgeable in litigation involving the defense of product liability actions, including pharmaceutical and medical device products, as well as the defense of mass and toxic tort matters. He serves as national coordinating counsel on various product liability claims for a manufacturer of carbon and graphite products and its German parent corporation. He also serves as Pennsylvania counsel for several petrochemical manufacturers in connection with various product liability matters

Successfully defended international electronics corporation in multi-million dollar breach of commercial lease dispute involving tenant

Randy’s representation of his product liability clients has included the defense of individual personal injury claims, multi–party litigation and class actions. In addition to defending individual matters, Randy has also counseled clients on warnings, sales staff training and various risk avoidance strategies
Successfully represented a title insurance company in a default judgment and sanction action avoiding damages of $2 million.
Counseled national bank on matters relating to whether to appeal a trial court’s findings of fact and conclusions of law involving U.C.C. Article 3 and 4 matters
Represented public entity in construction dispute involving multiple contractors and subcontractors
Represented reinsurer in lawsuit involving cut through claims under co-indemnification agreements
Represented hospital and emergency room physician in action for alleged misdiagnosis of compartment syndrome of leg.­
Represented a national financial institution in a litigation and bankruptcy proceedings against a printing company, resulting in close to 100% recovery of the outstanding debt
Represented cedent in reinsurance arbitration regarding Roman Catholic priest sexual abuse claims
Represented cedents in numerous asbestos and environmental reinsurance arbitrations
Represented the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development in the City of Pittsburgh’s Petition for Distressed Status (Act 47).
Represented software developer in lawsuit against marketing company involving fraud and misrepresentation claims
Represented defendants in Superfund litigation
Represented the County in an action by a school district that attempted to impose a parking tax on a County airport parking facility that was ultimately determined by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.
Represented numerous clients in accounting malpractice cases, both as plaintiff’s counsel and as defense counsel
Represented Taft Hartley trust funds in ERISA lawsuits seeking to recover employee benefit contributions owed to funds
Represented reinsurer in medical stop loss reinsurance arbitration
Represent an international multi-billion dollar package delivery (air, land, and sea) company in an international factoring agreement involving recovery of outstanding accounts receivable
Represented regional bank in pursuing claims of fraud and misrepresentation against another lender stemming from pyramid and check kiting schemes of a mutual account holder
Successfully obtained summary judgment dismissing claims against manufacturer of masks and respirators in strict liability and negligence actions filed by plaintiffs for the alleged failure of the respiratory protection devices to prevent exposure to asbestos-containing, and silica-containing, products
Successfully represented the manufacturers of several asbestos-containing products, and products which incorporated asbestos-containing components, in hundreds of strict liability and negligence actions filed in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio - obtaining complete dismissal of claims for mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Certain of these cases involved representation of premises defendants in both Pennsylvania and West Virginia
Advised financial institution regarding appeal involving U.C.C. Article 3 and 4 matters
Represented reinsurer in reinsurance arbitration seeking damages resulting from reinsured’s failure to timely report loss data
Represented Pennsylvania and West Virginia hospitals in medical malpractice litigation arising from treatments provided
Defended financial lending and servicing company against breach of contract claims related to alleged entitlement to credit life insurance proceeds
Represented Insurance Company in private arbitration with broker over insurance program
Represented hospital, emergency room physicians and family practice resident in action for alleged failure/delayed diagnosis of Listeria meningitis.
Defended coal mining company against claims for negligence, misrepresentation, and unfair trade practices in connection with various longwall mining activities
Represented lenders in mortgage foreclosure and workout matters
Represent a national financial institution on SBA guaranteed loans throughout the recovery process, including recovery from the corporate debtor and guarantors, as well as the guaranteed portion of the credit facility from the SBA

Conducted corporate internal investigation on behalf of audit committee of board of directors of publicly traded savings institution

Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Litigation - Represented bond trustee in bankruptcy of debt service obligor.

Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Litigation - Reported bankruptcy-related decisions include the following: In re Monsour Medical Center, 11 B.R. 1014 (Bankr. W.D. Pa. 1981), aff’g, 8 B.R. 606 (Bankr W.D. 1981); In re Grimes Furniture, Inc., 47 B.R. 68, 12 Collier Bankr. Cas. 2d 193 (Bankr. W.D. Pa. 1985); In re Chateaugay Corp. 86 B.R. 40 (Bankr. S. D. N. Y 1988); In re I.D. Craig Service Corp. No. 89-00640, 1993 Bankr. Lexis 886 (Bankr. W.D. Pa. 1993); In re I.D. Craig Service Corp. 125 B.R. 453 (Bankr. W.D. Pa. 1991); In re I.D. Craig Service Corp. 118 B.R. 335, 20 Bankr. Ct. Dec. 1597 (Bankr. W.D. Pa. 1990); In re Clark Grind & Polish, Inc. 137 B.R. 172 (Bankr. W.D. Pa._1992) In re Passodelis, 234 B.R. 52, 41 Collier Bankr. Cas. 2d 1757 (Bankr. W.D. Pa. 1999).

Some of the products with which Randy has experience include process control valves, compressed air cylinders, a wide variety of heavy industrial machinery and construction equipment, back-up warning devices, pre-fabricated building panels and siding, multimeter and other electronic measuring and monitoring equipment, underground mining equipment, cutting oils, HVAC equipment, boilers, lawnmowers, respiratory protection equipment, various residential appliances, power-actuated tools, children’s car seats, paintball guns, recreational equipment and football helmets
Defended financial lending and servicing company against detrimental reliance / promissory estoppel, breach of contract, fraud, misrepresentation, unfair claim settlement and bad faith claims in state court action by personal representative of borrower’s estate
Successfully represented minority shareholder of closely held company against majority shareholder in shareholder oppression matter, obtaining settlement value in excess of $1,200,000
Successfully obtained verdict in excess of $780,000 on behalf of Dutch company against multinational defendant on breach of international trade agreement
Represented creditors in lawsuit commencing involuntary bankruptcy proceeding against debtor
Represented international power producer in litigation brought by state attorney general resulting in dismissal of claims

ERISA Litigation - Represented a national health plan administrator against ERISA claims for breach of fiduciary duty in the administration of a major airline’s national employees’ self-insured health care plans. After extensive pretrial discovery and motions practice, participated in a one day minitrial before a federal judge and senior executives of client health plan administrator and airline which led to reasonable compromise settlement.

Franchise Law and Litigation - Litigated antitrust claims against franchisors.

Represented developer in lawsuit in which court held municipal zoning ordinance was unconstitutional
Represented various individuals in obtaining monies due pursuant to stockholder agreements and repurchase agreements
Acted as co-counsel in the defense of attorneys before the Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board and U.S. District Court.
Represented hospital and nursing staff in wrongful death action alleging negligent credentialing, failure to supervise and failure to inform treating physician of lab results.
Represented “payday loan” company against breach of contract claims
Represented national bank in litigation stemming from mortgage foreclosure/default proceedings involving, among other things, the application of the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act
Lead counsel in three-year defense of municipality and its officers and employees in an unprecedented lawsuit filed by a scorned real estate developer seeking recovery in excess of $80 million based on an alleged conspiracy between elected officials, municipal staff and solicitor, and community members to deny land use approval for proposed construction
Represented manufacturer of medical device used to monitor pressure in compartments of leg in action brought by plaintiff who lost function in leg due to compartment syndrome, allegedly due to malfunction of monitoring device. ­
Represented medical device manufacturers/distributors against strict liability, negligence and breach of warranty claims
Represented numerous clients in probate court involving trust and estate litigation
Represented physician and hospital in action alleging failure to diagnose pseudotumor cerebri.

Employment Litigation - Represented clients before federal EEOC and Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

Represented financial lending and servicing company in action brought by consumers for alleged violations of consumer protection laws, secondary mortgage laws, truth in lending laws and involving alleged unfair trade practices claims
Represented hospital and emergency room physician in above-knee amputation action based on the alleged negligent delay of hospital and emergency room physician in consulting vascular surgeon. Case settled during jury trial.­
Representative Products: Artificial heat valves, components for electro surgical devices, hip prostheses, knee prostheses, surgical cement, and surgical needles.

Insurance Industry Regulation - Represented insurers in matters relating to the licensing of insurance agents.

Defended business misappropriation claims against general partner
Represent municipal authority in class actions involving alleged consumer protection violations, unfair trade practices and related claims
Successfully recovered funds for Unsecured Creditors following investigation of fraudulent conveyance arising from acquisition of a large regional construction firm.­

Public Finance and Public Finance Litigation - Lectured municipal authority solicitors on topic of municipal authority takeovers at a series of seminars before the Pennsylvania Municipal Authorities Association

Represented clients in contract disputes, coverage disputes and collection of debts.­
Argued successfully in Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, achieving reversal of District Court's denial of motion for arbitration. Opinion published June 2012.
Represented the supplier of allegedly defective construction heaters and/or heater containers in actions filed by contractors and homeowners arising out of fires allegedly caused by the heaters.
Represented pharmaceutical executives in connection with pricing and off-label marketing investigations.
Represented reinsurer in private mortgage insurance reinsurance arbitration involving claims of fraud and misrepresentation
Represented seller of commercial property in lawsuit to recover purchase price from buyer
Represented manufacturer of consumer products in wrongful death and survival action
Represented physician in case to recover retirement benefits withheld by former practice group.

Public Finance and Public Finance Litigation - Represented bond trustees in default settings including the bankruptcy of obligor of debt service requirements under bond issues.

Insurance Industry Regulation - Counseled insurers relating to contract and rate filings with the Pennsylvania Insurance Department.

Represented national banking institution in various matters, including pursuit of million-dollar judgment
Defended corporate directors and officers in federal court litigation involving disputes over a corporate stock purchase agreement and merger agreement
Represented a township in a federal court RICO action against developers and obtained a $300,000 settlement.
Represented hospital in action alleging negligent supervision and negligent use of restraints.
Represent parties in disputes over licensing agreements
Represented national bank in litigation stemming from mortgage foreclosure/default proceedings involving, among other things, the application of the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act
Pursued and defended claims on behalf of trustee of coal company's estate relating to coal supply agreement with large public utility

Represented local and national real estate developers in multi-million dollar breach of commercial contract/lease actions against landowners and tenants

Represented national bank against breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, unfair trade practices and other statutory violation claims (Real Estate Disclosure Act and Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law) relating to sales practices and sales documents
Represented real estate developer in multi-million dollar breach of contract action against supermarket tenant
Represent large national real estate company in various contract and business tort disputes

Represent healthcare insurers, third party administrators, managed care organizations and others in contractual, business and other disputes. Representation includes counseling clients and litigating issues regarding payments, accounting for payments, third party administration and self-insured health plan issues, fraud claims, among others

Represent national title company in litigation matters involving alleged title defects, tort claims and contractual disputes 

Represented hospital in case alleging negligence on behalf of nursing staff in obtaining informed consent for surgery and anesthesia.­
Devised and executed successful legal, lobbying, and media strategy to defeat powerful and vocal institutional and community support for grant of multi-million dollar government subsidy to client's direct competitor
Assisted in obtaining a decision in excess of $2,000,000 upon a client’s verbal employment agreement with a financial institution
Represented law firm in its defense of a matter involving an underlying court matter in Mexico
Successfully represented Fortune 100 American health insurance company in defense of pharmacy-related class action
Represented decedent’s daughter in will contest action against step mother involving father’s will
Authored the winning brief in the unanimously decided Pennsylvania Supreme Court case of Sphere Drake v. PGW, 782 A.2d 510 (Pa. 2001)
Defeated on summary judgment multi-million dollar lender liability claim by prominent local non-profit against an international bank
Defended strict liability and negligence claims arising out of alleged benzene exposure
Represented cedent in lawsuit against reinsurer regarding claims under environmental impairment liability policies
Defeated jurisdiction challenge in shareholder oppression matter and successfully defeated majority shareholder’s appeal before Pennsylvania Superior Court
Defended numerous health care providers against state and federal health care fraud investigations.
Successfully defended large regional hospital against claims of professional malpractice.
Represented nursing home in wrongful death action alleging negligent diagnosis and treatment of decubitus ulcers.­
Defended pharmaceutical manufacturers in qui tam action.
Represented third-party administrator/HMO in class action filed by medical care providers.
Successfully obtained salary and other benefits owed to surgeon, and negotiated waiver of non-compete agreement.­
Represented nursing home in several actions arising out of patient’s falls, alleging failure to use proper physical restraints, and failure to adequately monitor patients.­
Represented nursing home in wrongful death actions alleging failure to maintain proper nutrition and hydration, failure to properly restrain patient, and failure to properly prevent and treat decubitus ulcer.
Represented employers in ADA and discrimination actions.­ Successfully represented physician/surgeon in injunction action against former group, enjoining group from preventing surgeon from seeing patients.
Represented national health insurance company in putative class action regarding reimbursement rates.
Represented employer in constructive discharge and intentional infliction of emotional distress action filed by former employee.
Conducted internal investigation of publicly-traded financial institution on behalf of audit committee.
Counseled clients and litigated issues related to third-party administration.
Successfully represented manufacturer of surgical fixation devices in multiple actions brought by plaintiffs for the alleged failure of the devices. Both cases dismissed.
Represented sellers of allegedly defective products used in construction of homes in personal injury actions.
Represented defendants in Fen-Phen litigation.
Achieved dismissal and summary judgment for drug manufacturers in multiple jurisdictions in cases involving allegedly defective drugs and defective warnings.
Represented officers and directors in alleged breach of fiduciary duty cases
Represented two defendant physicians in wrongful death action involving misdiagnosis of chronic mesenteric ischemia.
Represented clients in title insurance and commercial real estate matters.
Obtained discontinuance of 54 personal property tax cases and settlement of 1,500 claims, resulting in a savings to Allegheny County in excess of $4 million.
Randy’s medical device and ethical pharmaceutical cases have included products such as mechanical heart valve prostheses, tracheotomy tubes, sutures, catheters, syringes, sharps collectors, electrosurgical instruments, blood collection tubes, carbon dioxide absorbents, endoscopic equipment, oxygen regulators, anesthesia equipment and devices, craniomaxillofacial fixation devices, surgical lasers, hip and knee prostheses, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), anti-depressants and anti-hypertension drugs, DES and Coumadin, among other similar products. Randy represents a number of device manufacturers as regional counsel and has assisted in the national coordination of certain serial medical device litigation
Represent numerous clients in breach of contract disputes involving complex and sophisticated business issues

Represent a regional financial institution on SBA related matters, involving purchase and re-purchase guarantees, litigation and liquidation processes, and negotiations with the SBA regarding competing secured claims

Public Finance and Public Finance Litigation - Lectured at a Pennsylvania Association of Bond Lawyers Seminar on the topic of municipal authority takeovers.

Public Finance and Public Finance Litigation - Reported public finance-related decisions include: West Deer Civic Association v. West Deer Township, 75 Pa. D. and C. 2d 611 (1975); Harrison Township Water Authority v. Township of Harrison, 141 Pitts. L.J. 175 (1993).

Managed Care and Health Care Industry Litigation - Represented durable medical equipment vendors and professional and institutional providers in a variety of settings, including peer review, professional staff committees, regulatory agencies and the courts.

Managed Care and Health Care Industry Litigation - Litigated provider participation status under the Medicare program.

Represented private company in injunctive proceedings involving procedural and substantive due process violations, Section 1983 violations, and governmental immunity issues

Managed Care and Health Care Industry Litigation - Practiced before state and federal agencies and the courts relating to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement issues.

Represented national retail department store company in claim for unpaid wages

Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Litigation - Enforced rights of creditor corporations and other business organizations with respect to federal bankruptcy and state insolvency/receivership proceedings in Bankruptcy Courts, United States District Courts, United States Courts of Appeals, and state courts in various regions of the country.

Represented global telecommunications company in federal and state actions involving, inter alia, alleged breaches of contract and fraud

Public Finance and Public Finance Litigation - On behalf of county commissioners of a Pennsylvania county, successfully defended a challenge brought by a county controller attacking the legality of the county’s annual budget relating to public indebtedness legal issues.

Obtained multiple multi-million dollar judgments on behalf of an international bank in the face of lender liability allegations
Represented clients in a wide variety of commercial litigation involving such subjects as securities, antitrust, shareholders’ derivative suits, finders’ and brokers’ fees, storage tank design, computer systems, mining equipment, and steel manufacturing equipment.
Represented national bank in large scale predatory lending investigation by State Attorney General
Represented seller of produce in lawsuit against buyer to recover purchase price

White Collar Criminal Defense/Internal Investigations - Conducted corporate internal investigations on behalf of audit committees of boards of directors of publicly-traded corporations and insurance companies.

Represented banks in a variety of commercial matters.
Represented numerous clients in injunction matters, successfully enjoining breaches of agreements
Represented Taft Hartley trust funds in ERISA lawsuits regarding benefit claims

Insurance Industry Regulation - Represented insurers in litigation under the Commonwealth Court’s original jurisdiction and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s appellate jurisdiction pertaining to issues relating to Pennsylvania Insurance Department oversight and regulation of insurance companies.

Representative Products: Computer controlled printing equipment, electronically dimmable "West Coast" truck mirrors, locomotive components, and steel-making processes and products.
Represented physician in wrongful death litigation
Represented consumer in Truth-in-Lending Act matter in federal court against card issuer
Defeated on summary judgment million dollar claim by U.S. bankruptcy trustee attempting to strip bank of collateral lien in securities accounts
Briefed and argued the Commonwealth’s case in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court's unanimous decision in Commonwealth v. Collins, 702 A.2d 540 (Pa. 1997)
Represented physicians in matters relating to non-competition agreements
Represented national bank against conversion, trespass and assumpsit claims relating to the administration of an estate account
Represented nursing home in wrongful death action arising out of dehydration and alleged negligent monitoring and treatment of patient.
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Copyright, Software and Fair Use of APIs: U.S. Supreme Court decides Google v. OracleSixth Circuit Upholds Michigan's Prohibition Against Direct to Consumer Wine Shipments From Out-Of-State RetailersPennsylvania Dept. of Health Orders New Safety Measures for BusinessesThe New Singapore Mediation ConventionUS Supreme Court Allows Greater Access to Federal Courts for Taking CasesLessons on the Attorney-Client Relationship from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s Recent Decision in Bousamra v. Excela HealthSupreme Court Narrows Availability of Class ArbitrationMichigan Court of Appeals Confirms that Agencies Must Strictly Comply with Procedural RequirementsBad News for Companies in Illinois Using Fingerprints, Voice Scans, and Other Biometric Information: Plaintiffs Need Not Show Harm Beyond Alleging a Violation under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (the “BIPA”)SCOTUS Carves Out an Exception to the No-Impeachment RuleA "New" Frontier for Plaintiffs Class Action Attorneys -- the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act: Can technical non-compliance equate to damages?How to Break Through a "No-Contest Clause" in a Will or Trust in MichiganFirst-Ever "Spoofing" Conviction Upheld by the Seventh CircuitFor Me? You Shouldn't Have! - Legal Considerations for GiftingClass Action Waiver Cases Moved to the Top of Supreme Court's October TermChicago U.S. Attorney Creates New Unit to Prosecute Health Fraud Collection of Funds in Individual Retirement Accounts: Are They Really Exempt? A Guide To: Challenging Beneficiary Designations in Michigan Texas Supreme Court Clarifies The “Independent Injury Rule”A Guide for Challenging a Joint Account Arrangement in MichiganDOJ and FTC Issue Updated Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual PropertyA Guide To: How to Challenge a Will in MichiganFirst Supreme Court Insider Trading Decision in Almost Two Decades Resolves Split Between CircuitsHUD Issues Final Rule on Unlawful Hostile Environment and Quid Pro Quo HarassmentSex, Lies and DefamationPokémon Go Presents Confidentiality, Trade Secret and Privilege Concerns for Users Who Also Use Google Accounts for Business PurposesAnother Road Bump for Consumer Arbitration Clauses in New JerseyIt Still Hurts - DOL's Revised, Final Rule on Overtime Doubles Minimum Salary Level Starting December 1, 2016
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Clark Hill Member Steven M. Richman Moderated panel, “View From The Bench: The State of International Law,” at ABA’s midyear meetingClark Hill Attorneys Thomas E. Fabbri and Nicholas E. Papasifakis Published in the Michigan Probate & Estate Planning Journal, “Get Your Claims In: An Overview of Pre-death Claims by a Fiduciary”Sixty-Seven Clark Hill Attorneys Named 2018 Leading LawyersClark Hill Attorney David G. Ries to Present on Cybersecurity at the Institute for Energy Law’s 16th Annual Energy Litigation Conference in Houston – November 9, 2017Clark Hill PLC Receives National and Regional Tier 1 Rankings in the 2018 Edition of Best Lawyers, “Best Law Firms”Clark Hill Attorneys Named to DBusiness Magazine's 2018 Top Lawyers ListSixty-Six Clark Hill Attorneys Named 2017 Michigan Super Lawyers & Rising StarsClark Hill Attorney Frances A. 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David W. Centner Featured in "Learning to be Better Litigators" by Michigan Lawyers Weekly"CSA’s Slow Response to FAST Act Mandates: What to Expect Next," DRI In Transit, November 2, 2018“A Detailed Explanation on Why Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour Is a Total Disaster,” Digital Music News, February 2018"On the Banks of the Stream of Commerce: Why There Should Be No Individual ‘Product’ Liability of Corporate Officers, Directors and Employees," Rx for the Defense, Defense Research Institute, August 12, 2019Quoted, "Transportation Cases To Watch In 2021," Law360, January 3, 2021Quoted, "Transportation Legislation And Regulation To Watch In 2021," Law360, January 3, 2021"Best Practices for Preparing for a Successful Mediation," Arizona Attorney Magazine, State Bar of Arizona, November 2020Quoted, "Trucking Targets 'Nuclear' Verdicts," Transport Topics, September 16, 2020Farmers argue rules for using animal waste on farms are too costly and cumbersomeQuoted, "NJ Ruling Opens State Battles On Transpo Worker Exemption," Law360, July 16, 2020Quoted, "Defiant Tesla Sues Calif. County, Reopens Plant In Power Play," Law360, May 11, 2020Quoted, "Transportation Cases To Watch In 2020," Law360, January 1, 2020Quoted, " The Biggest Transportation Rulings Of 2019," Law360, December 19, 2019Co-Authored, "Preparing Your Driver for Direct and Cross-Examination at Trial," DRI For the Defense, December 2019Quoted, "Trucking Industry Preemption Battles To Watch," Law360, October 3, 2019Quoted, "Transport Cos. Prep For Impact Of Calif.'s Dynamex Bill," Law360, September 16, 2019Quoted, "Trucking Cos. Hit Rough Patches In Calif. 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Truckers Ruling Drives Home Limits Of Preemption," Law360, September 11, 2018Quoted, "Plaintiffs Bar Is Steering Truck Crash Cases To Mega Verdicts," Law360, August 6, 2018Quoted, "Trucking Cases to Watch in the 2nd Half of 2018," Law360, July 17, 2018"Connect with ex-coworkers on LinkedIn, run risk of lawsuit from jilted ex-employer" on Cook County Record - August 18, 2017 Relationships & the Law Today: Know Your Workplace Rights After Hively v. Ivy Tech, Windy City Times - June 7, 2017Frances A. Rosinski Mentioned in Oakland County Legal News: Rochester Bar to Explore Grievance/Disciplinary Process and Ethics, May 9"Honestly, What Is The Best Science?", Law360 - April 25, 2017“New IRS Notice Allows Same-Sex Couples Exclusions for Estate Tax” – Windy City Times, April 19, 2017International Law for Solo Practitioners and Small Firms, The Legal Intelligencer, April 2017Frances A. Rosinski Featured in Macomb County Legal News: Oversight, Attorney Handles Ethics, Risk Management Issues, April 2017Joann Needleman Quoted in WSJ, “Court Slams CFPB’s Enforcement Strategy,” March 28, 2017DBusiness Interviews Clark Hill Attorney Kaveh Kashef, Current President of Oakland County Bar Foundation, March 2017"How a Michigan County Road Got Stuck in Regulation Purgatory" by Mike Pattwell, published in the Wall Street JournalKaveh Kashef Featured in Michigan Lawyers Weekly: A Sidebar With...Kaveh Kashef, February 2017Why CFPB survey on collections is ‘disappointing,’ BHPH (Buy Here Pay Here) Report, January-February 2017The True Measure of an Associate: Helping Others in Need, The Legal Intelligencer, February 2017Relationships & the Law Today "Newly Enacted Responsibilities of a Guardian Making Personal Decisions for a Disabled Person in Illinois" - February 15, 2017Jordan S. Bolton One of Five Named to Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber Board of Directors, January 26, 2017Getting Your First Client: You're Already There, The Legal Intelligencer, January 2017Commentary: New Jersey Does the Waive[r]: Implications and Effect of Adoption of Admission to the New Jersey Bar by Motion – New Jersey State Bar Association Federal Practice and Procedure Section Newsletter, January 2017“Latest CFPB Consent Order Changes the Rules for Collection Law Firms,” insideARM, January 10, 2017Reginald M. Turner Legal News Profile: Steady Hand, Area Attorney Relishes Challenge of Business LitigationSupreme Court to Take on Issue of Transgender Bathroom Policies in School, Windy City TimesJoann Needleman Quoted in Knowledge@Wharton High School, a publication of the University of Pennsylvania: “Payday Loans and the Perils of Borrowing Fast Cash” – November 16, 2016Fans Deserve Fair Access to World Series Tickets, Op-Ed, November 6, 2016Gary Adler Quoted in The Baltimore Sun Discussing Availability of Home Game Tickets, November 5, 2016Andrew Turk Named 2017 Top AZ Business Leader by AZ Business MagazineKaveh Kashef Featured in Detroit Legal News: Broadening Its Base, New President Aims To Keep OCBF 'Growing And Evolving'Mastering Time Management as a Junior Associate, The Legal Intelligencer, October 2016Effective Harassment, Discrimination, and Retaliation Policies and Interactive Leader-Led Training Are Just Plain Good Investments for Banks, Illinois Banker Magazine - October 1, 2016Marlins, Others Need to Play Fair with Ticketholders - SunSentinelSome Tips to Mastering the Art of Small Talk, The Legal Intelligencer, August 2016Abusive Ticket Rules Hurt Consumers - Fox Business Op-Ed, August 10, 2016Joann Needleman Quoted in insideArm: Attorney “Meaningful Involvement” Case Sent Back to District Court – August 3, 2016Transgender Phobia Continues: "Bathroom Bill" Making It Through Illinois Legislature - Windy City Times, July 13, 2016Reputation Is the Key to Success for a Young Lawyer, The Legal Intelligencer, June 2016Reginald M. Turner Quoted in The Legal News: Mindful Lawyering, Panel Looks at the 'Ethics of Knowing When to Say No', May 2016“Search Warrant Help Desk: Emergency Measures for Lawyer First-Responders,” The Circuit Rider, The Journal of the Seventh Circuit Bar Association (April 2016)Jordon S. Bolton Featured in Detroit Legal News: Time Tested... Daunting Schedule Proves to Liking of Area Attorney, April 2016Charles A. Lawler Featured in the Legal News: Professional Pathway, Entrepreneurial Background Proves Valuable for Attorney, March 2016Kevin Fanning Featured in Macomb County Legal News: Order from Chaos, Attorney Serves as Strategist for Business Leaders, March 2016Joann Needleman Comments in insideARM: Bank of America Securitization Case is Actually Round Two – March 18, 2016Joann Needleman Quoted in insideARM: The Little Engine That CAN Make a Difference - March 10, 2016Clark Hill Attorney Jenice Mitchell Ford Joins Channel 7/WXYZ's 2016 Primary Election Night Coverage"Ethics and Use of Social Media", The Abstract: American College of Mortgage Attorneys, Spring 2016insideARM - Joann Needleman Updates FDCPA Caselaw Grid Through January 31, 2016Joann Needleman Quoted in insideARM: CFPB Accepting Applications for Advisory Board Seats - January 19, 2016Joann Needleman Quoted in insideARM: Texas Law Firm to Pay $3.4 million – Settling Class Action Matter Alleging Unauthorized Practice of Law in California – January 14, 2016Lenawee County Authorizes Airport Property NegotiationsinsideARM Publishes Update on Needleman's 2014 Debt Collection Article - December 11, 2015Protecting Your Home from Your Spouse's Creditors, Windy City TimesJoann Needleman Quoted in insideARM: Federal Student Loan Collectors May Now Use ATDS to Dial Cell Phones? - November 4, 2015Relationships & Law Today "Procedures for Filing Discrimination Claims Through the Lens of a Recent Illinois Human Rights Commission Decision" - Windy City Times, October 28, 2015Joann Needleman Quoted in insideARM: Is This a Dialer? 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Industry experts weigh in on how to take an increasingly pervasive issue - Trusts & Estates; The Wealth Journal - July 2015Magna Carta - Its Essence and Effect on International Law - The New Jersey Lawyer Magazine, June 2015Relationships & the Law Today: Possible Supreme Court Marriage OutcomesCo-Author, "Managed Care Litigation and The Affordable Care Act,” GPSolo Magazine, American Bar Association, March/April 2015Michigan Bar Journal: The Art of Admitting Exhibits into Evidence During Trial by Linda WatsonMichigan Lawyers Weekly: Clark Hill Attorneys Recognized for Securing Largest Judgment in Michigan – January 2015Co-Author, "A Crystal Ball: Managed Care Litigation in Light of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act," The Health Lawyer, December 2014Oakland County Legal News: Jordan S. Bolton Receives Legal Aid and Defender Association 2014 Pro Bono Attorney of the Year Award - December 2014Peter Kupelian Quoted In Harvard's Journal of Sports & Entertainment LawData on New Court Model Indicate Indicate Shorter Time to Resolve Cases, Crain's Detroit BusinessThe Role of Local Counsel in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey: Considerations and Responsibilities Federal Practice and Procedure Section Newsletter, New Jersey State Bar Association, September 2014Michigan Lawyers Weekly: Pension Funds Get $119M in Fraud, Conversion Action - September 20145 Tips for Food Cos. Looking To Outsource Production By Jonathan Boulahanis & Kevin Williams in Law360Lake Madison homeowners seek county airport's closureTips for Effective Arbitration - An Arbitrator's Perspective "The Bully Pulpit: Defamation by Public Officials" by Jonathan Hugg for the Legal IntelligencerAn Interview With the Honorable Claire C. Cecchi, District Judge, United States District Court, Federal Practice and Procedure Section Newsletter, New Jersey State Bar Association, March 2014Court Ruling Impact - Debt Collection Settlements Are Dead; Long Live Litigation - March 26, 2014Business Development Alternatives to the Golf CourseFrom Fort Lee to Bowling v. Office of Open RecordsJennifer Green's Closing Argument Quoted in Chicago Tribune: Bankruptcy Was Unavoidable, Detroit Lawyer Tells Court, November 2013Jennifer Green Quoted in Reuters: Bankruptcy Was Unavoidable, Detroit Lawyer Tells Court, November 2013Jennifer Green Quoted in Detroit News: Detroit Bankruptcy Judge Waits on Whether City Gets Bankruptcy Relief, November 2013Jennifer Green’s Cross Examination Cited in Cram Down Possible says Emergency Manager of Detroit, October 2013Rethinking Governmental Immunity in Pennsylvania Jennifer Green Reported On Detroit Local 4 News: Detroit Bankruptcy Blog: Kevin Orr Testifies About Pension Liabilities, His Hiring, October 2013Jennifer Green Quoted in Sharp Exchange Between Bankruptcy Judge and Detroit's Emergency Manager, October 2013Jennifer Green Quoted in Huffington Post: Detroit Is in Debt, But Is it Eligible for Bankruptcy?, October 2013Jennifer Green Cited in Detroit Bankruptcy Case Goes to Court, October 2013Jennifer Green Quoted in NBC News: Detroit to US judge - "This City is Bankrupt", October 2013Jennifer Green Quoted in Los Angeles Times: The Hard Question for Detroit Bankruptcy Judge is Not About Debt, October 2013Jennifer Green Quoted in Trial Starts; Is Detroit Eligible For Bankruptcy?, October 2013Jennifer Green's Opening Statements Cited in BBC News: Detroit's Bankruptcy Case in Court, October 2013Jennifer Green's Opening Statement Cited in Wall Street Journal: Michigan Governor to Testify in Detroit Bankruptcy Case, October 2013Jennifer Green Cited in Bloomberg Business News: Detroit Unions, Retirees Face Battle to Kill Bankruptcy, October 2013Jennifer Green Quoted in New York Times: Heated Start in the Trial on Detroit’s Fiscal Future, October 2013 Observers Say Scranton Asset Seizure/Sale by Unions Probably UnlikelyPerformance Reviews: Why Bother? 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