Date Alert Author
05/26/20 Insight on Illinois Latasha R. Thomas, John G. Fogarty Jr.
05/22/20 DOL Allows Changes In Calculating Fluctuating Workweek Wages J. Patrick Griffin
05/21/20 OSHA Interim Guidance States That Almost All Employers Must Record COVID-19 as a “Recordable Illness” Under Existing Regulations Daniel V. Kinsella
05/20/20 DOD Issues Draft Guidance For Leave Reimbursement Under Section 3610 of the CARES Act J. William Eshelman
05/19/20 Work-At-Home and Remote Access – It’s Time for a Security Review Jeffrey R. Wells, David G. Ries
05/18/20 Window On Washington - May 18, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 20
05/14/20 IRS Temporarily Relaxes Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Election Change and “Use It or Lose It” Rules in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic Luke D. Bailey
05/14/20 New Trade Case on Imports of Passenger Vehicle and Light Truck Tires from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam Courtney G. Taylor, William C. Sjoberg, R. Kevin Williams, Mark R. Ludwikowski
05/13/20 CARES Act Permits Emergency Access to Retirement Funds for Employees Affected by COVID-19 Through Relaxed Participant Distributions and Loans Luke D. Bailey
05/13/20 Required Posting for Illinois Employers
05/13/20 House Version of New Stimulus Package Proposes Loans for Debt Collectors Ann E. Lemmo, Joann Needleman
05/11/20 CARES Act Relief for Federal Contractors J. William Eshelman
05/11/20 Window On Washington - May 11, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 19
05/08/20 Sixth Circuit Upholds Michigan's Prohibition Against Direct to Consumer Wine Shipments From Out-Of-State Retailers Jason R. Canvasser, Benjamin I. Shipper
05/07/20 Title IX Final Rule: Post-Secondary Institutions and K-12 Schools Kara T. Rozin, Maria F. Dwyer
05/06/20 New PPP Loan Guidance on Certification of Need and Opportunity for Penalty-Free Repayment by May 14, 2020 Christine M. Green, R. Bradley Fletcher, Katherine E. David, Robin D. Ferriby
05/06/20 Many Participant Timing Requirements Tolled; New Model COBRA Notices Issued Charles M. Russman
05/06/20 CARES Act: ESSER Funds Under the Education Stabilization Fund Jeremy S. Motz
05/05/20 Bill Would Recapture 40,000 Green Cards for Doctors and Nurses Carl M. Shusterman
05/04/20 Window On Washington - May 4, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 18