Date Alert Author
04/07/20 How can Federal Employees Establish Age Discrimination Under the ADEA? Laura Calhoun
04/06/20 Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Orders New Safety Measures for Businesses Vincent M. Roskovensky
04/06/20 Window On Washington - April 6, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 14
04/06/20 OSHA and COVID-19: Applicable Regulations and Compliance Issues Greg Flores, Randolph T. Struk
04/06/20 CARES Act Provides Relief to Real Estate Professionals Adam M. Kessler, Adam M. Ansari, Rachael E. Rubenstein
04/03/20 Governor Whitmer Issues Executive Order Protecting Employees Who Stay Home Due to COVID-19 Hannah R. Kendall
04/03/20 Stop Loss Carriers Need to Consent to any Material Changes to Self-Insured Employers' Healthcare Plans Robert Tomilson
04/03/20 Texas Comptroller Offers Short-Term Sales Tax Compliance Assistance for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19 Kyle C. Spurgeon
04/03/20 CARES Act Impacts Municipal Securities Market Andrew C. Maher
04/03/20 CARES Act: The Education Stabilization Fund Jeremy S. Motz
04/03/20 Teaching Online Traps for the Unwary – How to Use Copyrighted Material Safely Katie Anderson, John L. Hines, Jr.
04/02/20 Ready or Not, CMMC to be enforced July 1st, 2020 Jason M. Schwent, Jeffrey R. Wells
04/02/20 New Trade Case on Imports of Mattresses from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam Courtney G. Taylor, William C. Sjoberg, R. Kevin Williams, Mark R. Ludwikowski
04/01/20 NLRB Finalizes Rule Amendments for Union Election Procedures Kevin Levine
03/31/20 Los Angeles Seeks to Close the Federal COVID-19 Paid Sick Leave Gap Guillermo M. Tello
03/30/20 New Trade Case on Imports of Non-Refillable Steel Cylinders from China Courtney G. Taylor, William C. Sjoberg, R. Kevin Williams, Mark R. Ludwikowski
03/30/20 Window On Washington - March 30, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 13
03/28/20 CARES Act: Employee Benefits Implications Charles M. Russman
03/27/20 Insurance Coverage and COVID-19 Robert Tomilson
03/26/20 10-Point Checklist for Issuing and Responding to Force Majeure Notices Steven M. Richman