Date Alert Author
08/06/15 Iran & Cuba Regulatory Changes Carlos M. Gutierrez, Jr.
08/05/15 Third Circuit Strikes County Recorder's Lawsuit Against MERS Justin R. Drinkwine
08/03/15 American Arbitration Association Issues Revised Construction Industry Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures Effective July 1, 2015 Jay M. Berger
08/03/15 MI Court of Appeals Confirms Teacher Placement is Prohibited Subject of Bargaining Marshall W. Grate
07/30/15 6th Circuit Upholds City's Right to Enforce Grass Ordinance Within Public Right-of-Way Kenneth P. Lane
07/30/15 Michigan Legislature Enacts Cyberbullying Legislation Mark W. McInerney
07/29/15 Court of Appeals Gives Unions Greater Latitude to Organize Department Heads Kurt M. Graham
07/27/15 Decision by Supreme Court May Impact Local Sign Regulations Kenneth P. Lane
07/27/15 Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the "Cadillac" Health Plan Tax Ethan M. Dennis, Douglas J. Ellis
07/20/15 A Public School Can Constitutionally Contract with a Religious School for Alternative Education Services Marshall W. Grate
07/17/15 Michigan Public Bodies Must Post Their Revised FOIA Procedures on Their Website Kurt M. Graham
07/16/15 The DOL Issues Administrator's Interpretation Concluding Most Workers are Employees Under the FLSA Maria F. Dwyer
07/16/15 Federal Acquisition Regulation Strengthens Anti-Human Trafficking Regulations: Federal Contractors and Subcontractors Take Note Jane C. Luxton, Bret S. Wacker
07/15/15 Federal Court Paves Way for CFPB to Pursue Enforcement Action Again Law Firm Joann Needleman
07/14/15 Delaware Corporation Information System Interruption
07/14/15 Court Refuses to Enforce an NLRB Order Finding Employer's Ban on T-Shirts with Union Message an Unfair Labor Practice Thomas P. Brady
07/14/15 EEOC's Revised Guidance Regarding Pregnancy Discrimination Exposes Employers to Increased Liability Amanda J. MacDonald
07/13/15 FCC Releases Ruling and Order on Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Joann Needleman
07/13/15 Elimination of the February Regular Election Date James M. Crowley
07/10/15 Federal Appeals Court Finds Principal Was Not Retaliated Against When She Was Fired After Speaking Out Against Her School's Closure Kurt M. Graham