Date Alert Author
12/29/15 IRS Announces Short Extension in Affordable Care Act Reporting Nancy L. Farnam
12/28/15 CFPB Settles Enforcement Action with Georgia Law Firm: Continued Oversight over the Practice of Law Expected Joann Needleman
12/23/15 Moody's and Standard & Poor to Factor Cybersecurity into Creditworthiness Determinations Jennifer Woods
12/21/15 Cadillac Tax Delayed Until 2020 Under New Spending Bill Edward C. Hammond, Douglas J. Ellis
12/09/15 DOJ Settles with McDonalds, Quickstuff ICE Fines, I-9 Audits Down,
12/03/15 What To Do If Someone Begins Shooting In The Workplace? Thomas P. Brady
12/01/15 Federal Crowdfunding: The SEC Final Rule
11/30/15 SEC Charges Political Intelligence Firm for Compliance Misstep
11/30/15 The Yates Memo - New DOJ Guidance Focuses on Individuals in Corporate Investigations Sotiris "Ted" Planzos
11/25/15 Recent Third Circuit Decision Regarding Joint Employers Extends Liability for Violation of Title VII to the Clients of Staffing Companies Amanda J. MacDonald
11/23/15 Bank Directors Required to Face New (and Challenging) Information Technology Demands Thomas A. Brooks
11/10/15 Solving the Effects of the European Union's Invalidation of the Safe Harbor for International Data Transfers Serene K. Zeni
11/06/15 Does the 9th Edition of the CFPB'S Supervisory Highlights Signal a Kinder Gentler Regulator? Joann Needleman
11/06/15 Bank Regulators Dial Up Concerns About Cyber-Attacks Thomas A. Brooks
11/02/15 Prevention Through Design Overview P. Douglas Folk
10/26/15 New State Teacher and School Administrator Evaluation Law, Senate Bill 103, Takes Immediate Effect Upon Governor's Signature Barbara A. Ruga
10/23/15 DHS Releases Proposed STEM OPT Rule, Canadian Government Issues New Immigration Regulations, Update on Work Authorization for H-4 Spouses, November Visa Bulletin
10/23/15 Trial Victory in Defense of a Carbon Arrow Barry B. Sutton, Stephanie M. Anderson
10/23/15 Supply Chain Accountability - The News Just Keeps Coming Jane C. Luxton
10/19/15 Pennsylvania Court Voids Innocent Asset Transfer as Fraudulent Jonathan W. Hugg