Date Alert Author
03/12/15 Supreme Court Widens Federal Agency Latitude on Guidance Documents Kenneth von Schaumburg, Jane C. Luxton
03/12/15 Are Administrative Agencies Overstepping Their Constitutional Powers? Karen L. Karr
03/11/15 Nonrenewal of Probationary Teacher Contracts Marshall W. Grate
03/05/15 Supreme Court Decision Serves as Reminder of Sarbanes-Oxley Disclosure Requirements Sotiris "Ted" Planzos, Jane C. Luxton
03/02/15 New Definition of "Spouse" Under the FMLA Extends Rights to Employees in Legal Same-Sex Marriages Amanda J. MacDonald
02/26/15 Automotive Supply Chain Alert: Chassix Bankruptcy Looming Linda M. Watson, Joel D. Applebaum
02/25/15 EADs for Certain H-4 Spouses
02/23/15 Michigan Employment Relations Commission Upholds School District's Privatization of Custodial Work Marshall W. Grate
02/23/15 IRS Issues Transitional Relief for Certain Employers Sponsoring Employer Payment Plans Kristi R. Gauthier
02/20/15 H-1B Filing Season to Begin April 1, 2015
02/18/15 Mandatory Paid Sick Leave in Philadelphia Stephanie K. Rawitt
02/17/15 City of Chicago and State of Illinois "Ban the Box" Laws Now in Effect Jonathan M. Boulahanis
02/16/15 Non-Renewal of Administrator Contracts Marshall W. Grate
02/11/15 Employer Lessons Learned From The EEOC's FY 2014 Data Tables Anne-Marie V. Welch
02/11/15 Public School Secretarial Positions are Non-Instructional Support Services for Purposes of Subcontracting Under PERA Marshall W. Grate
02/09/15 Former Pennsylvania State Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Extorting Campaign Contributions
02/02/15 Arbitration Pursuant to a Last Chance Agreement Bars Teacher's Wrongful Discharge Lawsuit Eric C. Griggs
01/29/15 Supreme Court Strikes Down Sixth Circuit's Presumption of Vested Retiree Health Benefits Nancy L. Farnam
01/27/15 Billion Dollar UCC Blunder Jonathan W. Hugg
01/22/15 New Amendment Presents Challenges to FOIA Administration Marshall W. Grate