Date Alert Author
04/10/14 An Arbitration Clause May Survive The Termination Of An Employment Agreement Even If It Is Not Mentioned In The Agreement's Survival Clause Nitya S. Lohitsa
04/10/14 Real Estate Transfer Tax in Entity Acquisitions Don A. D'Amato, Joshua M. Farber
04/07/14 2015 H-1B Cap Has Been Reached Michael P. Nowlan
04/04/14 HB 4295 Changes State School Aid Act's Days and Hours Requirement Eric C. Griggs
04/04/14 McCutcheon Strengthens National Parties, and That's Good for Democracy Elizabeth Beacham White, Charles R. Spies
04/02/14 Circuit Court Rules That Public Act 53's Bar On Dues Withholding Under A Collective Bargaining Agreement Executed While Federal Court Injunction Was In Place Does Not Violate Constitutional Impairment of Contract Clauses Mark W. McInerney
04/02/14 EPA and Corps Propose to Expand Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Kenneth von Schaumburg
04/01/14 Rethinking the State Ethics Act Jonathan W. Hugg
03/31/14 The End of College Football As We Know It? Thomas P. Brady
03/27/14 Supreme Court Rules Severance Payments Are Taxable Thomas P. Brady
03/26/14 MERC Confirms Teacher Transfers Are a Prohibited Subject of Bargaining Marshall W. Grate
03/24/14 New MISS DIG Law, Effective April 2014 Jeffrey M. Gallant, Nicole S. Tersigni
03/24/14 Comparing the U.S. and E.U. Economic Ukrainian Sanctions: Are They A Force In Combination Or A Missed Opportunity John P. Donohue
03/20/14 New Requirements for Flags Used to Mark the Graves of Veterans Kenneth P. Lane
03/20/14 Post-Foreclosure Interest Not Recoverable in Deficiency Actions Brandon J. Muller
03/18/14 The Congressional and Executive Response to the Ukrainian Crisis and the Growing U.S. Impatience with Official Corruption John P. Donohue, Thomas J. O'Donnell, Robert J. Ridge
03/17/14 The EEOC Issues New Publication on Religious Garb and Grooming in the Workplace Kurt M. Graham
03/10/14 Legislating Workplace Bullying Stephanie K. Rawitt
03/06/14 EEOC Sues to Limit Protections in Severance Agreements L. Steven Platt
02/28/14 Protective Claim for Refund for Over-Reported FICA Taxes Protective Claim for Refund for Over-Reported FICA Taxes on 3% Retiree Healthcare Contributions James M. Crowley