Date Alert Author
12/03/14 City of Chicago Approves $13 Minimum Wage Phased in by 2019 Jonathan M. Boulahanis
12/03/14 Responding to Students' Increased Abuse of Yik Yak and Other Social Media Eric C. Griggs
11/25/14 Liquor Industry Targeted by False Advertising Class Actions Jonathan M. Boulahanis
11/25/14 How is FMLA Counted During Snow Days? Kurt M. Graham
11/24/14 Caregivers to Earn Overtime Karen L. Karr
11/24/14 Trade Update Carlos M. Gutierrez, Jr.
11/21/14 Immigration Reform
11/18/14 Update on Pontiac Cases Involving Unfair Labor Practices Eric C. Griggs
11/13/14 Post-Election Analysis: Environment and Energy Jane C. Luxton
11/12/14 Ebola Control & Prevention in the Workplace Kurt M. Graham
11/11/14 Michigan Municipal Corporations Lose Statutory Protection in Adverse Possession and Acquiescence Actions Brought by Private Parties Brett E. Vasicek, Richard A. Sundquist
11/10/14 Tenure Commission Rejects Laid-off Teacher's Claim That She Was Unlawfully Denied Recall Eric C. Griggs
11/10/14 IRS Issues Guidance - Certain "Skinny" Health Plans Will Not Satisfy Affordable Care Act's Minimum Value Requirement Nancy L. Farnam
11/10/14 Post-Election Analysis by Former Member of Congress, Ben Quayle Benjamin E. Quayle
11/10/14 Post-Election Analysis Tom L. Kelly
11/07/14 Employers Prohibited From Reimbursing Individual Plan Premiums Even On An After-Tax Basis Kristi R. Gauthier
11/06/14 Denying Unemployment Benefits for Failing to Pass a Drug Test Solely Due to Lawful Medical Marijuana Usage Constitutes a Penalty Under the MMMA Nitya S. Lohitsa
11/05/14 Maximum Employee Contribution to Health Flexible Spending Accounts Increasing in 2015 Nancy L. Farnam
11/04/14 Health Plan Identifier (HPID) Requirement Delayed Indefinitely by HHS Kristi R. Gauthier
11/04/14 EPA Asks for Additional Comments on Clean Power Plan Christopher B. Clare