Date Alert Author
01/30/14 Donning and Doffing Protective Clothing is Not Working Time Thomas P. Brady
01/29/14 Key Tenure Commission Decisions in 2013 Mark W. McInerney
01/28/14 Agencies Expand Definition of "Excepted Benefits" Under PPACA and HIPAA Kristi R. Gauthier
01/23/14 Fact Finding Recommendations of 2013 Eric C. Griggs
01/21/14 A Heads Up on Complying with the Michigan Concussion Law Kurt M. Graham
01/17/14 Shared-Time Agreements Marshall W. Grate
01/16/14 Teacher Evaluations Barbara A. Ruga
01/10/14 Does An Employer Own Its Employees' Linkedin Profiles? Sarah J. Miley
01/06/14 H-1B Filing Season To Begin April 1, 2014, Lottery is Anticipated
01/06/14 Automatic Gratuity Coming to an End? New IRS Rule Frustrates Industry Practice Jonathan M. Boulahanis
12/18/13 Is Your Company Unknowingly Committing Unemployment Fraud? Brian D. Shekell
12/18/13 The Advantages of a Section 337 Investigation for Intellectual Property Infringement Claims David J. Marr, Thomas J. O'Donnell
12/16/13 Rents Collected by a Borrower Before a Mortgage Default may be Recoverable by the Lender Timothy M. Koltun
12/09/13 Employer's May Require Employees to Waive Right to Class Actions Thomas P. Brady
12/09/13 Personal and Successor Liability Against a Principal and His Newly Formed Entity for Debt Incurred by the Principal's Previous, Bankrupted Company Jeffrey M. Gallant, Nicole S. Tersigni
12/02/13 MDE and State Police Set December 31st Deadline for Criminal Records Transfers Jeremy S. Motz
11/27/13 Obama Administration Proposes New Guidance to Curtail Political Activities of 501(c)(4) Nonprofit Groups
11/22/13 Changes to the Michigan Court of Claims Jeffrey M. Gallant, Nicole S. Tersigni
11/18/13 Michigan Court of Appeals Affirms Tenure Commission Decision in Cona v Avondale Explaining and Applying "Not Arbitrary or Capricious" Standard for Teacher Discipline Mark W. McInerney
11/15/13 Final Mental Health Parity Regulations Expands Coverage for Individuals In Need of Behavioral Health Care Peter J. Domas