Date Alert Author
01/19/17 Employer Did Not Owe Legal Duty to Protect Employees' Hacked Personal and Financial Records Andrew J. Ruxton
01/19/17 A Guide To: How to Challenge a Will in Michigan Nicholas E. Papasifakis, Jonathan M. Martone, Mallory A. Kallabat, Thomas E.F. Fabbri
01/18/17 2017 Creditor Protection Update: Protecting Your Assets with a "DAPT" Steven J. Tjapkes, Thomas F. Sweeney, Nicholas E. Papasifakis, Thomas S. Nowinski, J. Thomas MacFarlane, Andrea M. Kanski, Mallory A. Kallabat, Thomas E.F. Fabbri
01/17/17 Michigan Legislature Repeals Preferential Hiring Requirement for Special Education Personnel Marshall W. Grate
01/17/17 CFPB Issues First Ever Debt Collection Survey on Its Path to Regulating the Industry Joann Needleman, Beth L. Slaby
01/11/17 New Federal Acquisition Regulation Rule - Reporting Reduced or Untimely Payments to Small Business Subcontractors Jeffrey M. Gallant
01/09/17 New Laws Expand Use of Opioid Antagonists to Schools for 2017-2018 School Year Kara T. Rozin
12/23/16 Immigration Law Update - December 2016
12/23/16 The United States Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals Supports a Female Transgender Student's Right to Use the Girl's School Restroom Marshall W. Grate
12/22/16 Pennsylvania State Construction Notices Directory Is Now Available Danny P. Cerrone, Jr.
12/22/16 IRS Publishes Final Issue Price Rules for Tax-Exempt Municipal Bond Offerings Ernesto A. Lanza
12/21/16 OCC Final Receivership Rule Paves Way for Special National Bank Charter Thomas A. Brooks
12/20/16 Successful Implementation of Restorative Justice Practices Joseph B. Urban
12/20/16 Reminder: Numerous State Minimum Wage Increases Take Effect January 1, 2017 Ellen E. Hoeppner
12/19/16 Michigan Court of Appeals Holds that Schools May Ban Firearms from School Property Mark W. McInerney
12/19/16 Some Small Employers May Reimburse Employees' Premium and Other Uninsured Medical Expenses Nancy L. Farnam
12/15/16 Restorative Justice Bills Await Governor's Signature Joseph B. Urban
12/13/16 Philadelphia Employers Can No Longer Ask About an Applicant's Salary History Amy C. Lachowicz
12/13/16 First Supreme Court Insider Trading Decision in Almost Two Decades Resolves Split Between Circuits Matthew J. Ruza, Mason N. Floyd, Leigh D. Roadman
12/08/16 Illinois Passes Sweeping Energy Legislation Sean P. Killeen, Christopher N. Skey, Christopher J. Townsend