Date Alert Author
03/14/17 Medical Residents May Sue Under Title IX Andrew J. Ruxton, Vanessa M. Kelly, Erin C. Galbally
03/09/17 SEC Proposes Far-Reaching Expansion of Municipal Securities Disclosure to Include Bank Loans and Other Financial Obligations Jeanne M. Stiefel, Peter S. Ecklund Jr., Lisa A. Chiesa, Ernesto A. Lanza
03/08/17 Proposed Healthcare Reform May Mean Tax Changes Kenneth S. Wear, Christine M. Green
03/08/17 March 2017 Executive Order on Immigration: Revising the Travel Suspension for Designated Countries Thomas K. Ragland, Michael P. Nowlan, James E. Morrison
03/07/17 Regulatory Restructuring Initiatives Keep Coming William J. Walsh, Kenneth von Schaumburg, Jane C. Luxton, Karen C. Bennett
03/06/17 USCIS Temporarily Suspending Premium Processing of All H-1B Petitions Michael P. Nowlan, James E. Morrison
02/28/17 Secretary of Homeland Security Issues Memos to Implement President Trump's Immigration Enforcement Orders Patrick Taurel, Thomas K. Ragland, Michael P. Nowlan, James E. Morrison
02/27/17 Tax Reform and the Forgotten Context of the Municipal Tax Exemption Ernesto A. Lanza
02/27/17 Department of Education and Department of Justice Withdraw Title IX Transgender Student Federal Guidance Kara T. Rozin
02/20/17 Clark Hill PLC Introduces the Investment Management Industry Team
02/16/17 Two Federal Lawsuits Challenge the Constitutionality of the Exelon Nuclear Bailout Legislation Christopher N. Skey, Christopher J. Townsend
02/15/17 A Guide To: How to Challenge a Trust in Michigan Nicholas E. Papasifakis, Jonathan M. Martone, Mallory A. Kallabat, Thomas E.F. Fabbri
02/14/17 Trump Promises Tax Reform Announcement in the Next Few Weeks Kenneth S. Wear, Christine M. Green
02/13/17 Clark Hill PLC Launches Comprehensive Title IX Compliance and Investigation Services
02/10/17 Non-Renewal of Probationary Teacher Contracts Marshall W. Grate
02/09/17 Extraordinary Opportunity for Bankers to Impact Federal Policy and Regulations Thomas A. Brooks
02/07/17 Next Steps on the Executive Order on Reducing Regulation: OMB's Guidance Provides Some Clarity William J. Walsh, Kenneth von Schaumburg, Jane C. Luxton
02/07/17 Non-Renewal of Administrator Contracts Marshall W. Grate
02/06/17 Dangers When a Contractor Agrees to Indemnify or Name an Architect/Engineer as an Additional Insured on an Insurance Policy Scott D. Garbo
02/06/17 Safeguarding Your Company from Cyber Tax Crimes - Take Action Now! Jonathan D. Klein