Date Alert Author
02/22/16 Non-Renewal of Probationary Teacher Contracts Marshall W. Grate
02/17/16 Some Small Employers May Have Reporting Obligations Under the Affordable Care Act Nancy L. Farnam
02/11/16 Health Coverage Providers: Deadlines for Health Coverage Providers to Report Minimum Essential Coverage are Approaching
02/08/16 Changes in U.S. - Cuba Regulations Carlos M. Gutierrez, Jr.
02/04/16 CFPB Issues Broad Policy Statements Regarding Consumer Checking Accounts and Overdrafts Joann Needleman
02/03/16 Conflict Minerals and Supply Chain Accountability (Video) Jane C. Luxton
01/28/16 Contractors Beware: Avoid Loss Payable Traps Zachary A. Rowley
01/28/16 Insight on Estate Planning - February/March 2016
01/27/16 DOL to Treat More Entities as Covered by the FMLA via Joint Employment Nitya S. Lohitsa, Paul A. Wilhelm
01/27/16 New Year, New Laws for Employers to Consider Stephanie K. Rawitt
01/25/16 Supreme Court Reaffirms Limits on Benefit Plan Subrogation Claims Douglas J. Ellis
01/22/16 DOL To Embrace Many New Companies As "Joint Employers," Arguing All Will Be Subject To Full Liability Under The FLSA Paul A. Wilhelm
01/20/16 Changing The EPA's Opaque Scientific Methods William J. Walsh
01/14/16 Teacher Union Cannot Insist on Contract Including Prohibited Subjects Marshall W. Grate
01/13/16 Contracts 101 for Design Professionals Christopher D. Hossack
01/12/16 NLRB Invalidates Another Employer Conduct Policy Mikyia S. Aaron
01/08/16 Wisconsin Court Rules Wellness Program Not a Violation of the ADA Kristi R. Gauthier
01/08/16 Governor Signs Senate Bill 571 Joseph B. Urban
01/06/16 Your Place or Mine? Drafting Forum Selection Clauses in the Wake of Rieth-Riley Edward J. Hood
12/30/15 The Omnibus Appropriations Bill and its Impact on the Political Activity of 501(c)(4)s, Federal Contractors, and Public Companies