Date Alert Author
04/06/16 “They’re Here!” – Department of Labor Issues Final ERISA Fiduciary and Conflict of Interest Regulations Edward C. Hammond
04/06/16 DHS Releases Published F-1 Visa STEM OPT Regulation
04/04/16 April/May Insight on Estate Planning
03/31/16 Supreme Court Tie Leaves Public Sector Agency Shops In Place...For Now Ethan M. Dennis
03/28/16 Federal False Claims Act (FCA) Actual Damages for Non-Compliant Goods or Services That Cannot Be Remedied Jeffrey M. Gallant
03/24/16 Department of Labor Issues New Reporting Requirements for Persuader Activity Daniel J. Bretz, Thomas P. Brady
03/24/16 New U.S. Supreme Court Class Action Decision Stephen R. Gee
03/18/16 Changes in U.S. - Cuba Regulations Carlos M. Gutierrez, Jr.
03/17/16 Payday Lending, Exemption for Community Banks, Arbitration and Ally Were the Hot Topics During CFPB Director Cordray's Testimony Before Congress Joann Needleman
03/16/16 MDE Guidance Relating to Evaluation Training Funds Barbara A. Ruga
03/10/16 Credit Reporting, Overdraft Issues and the Remittance Rule Dominate the CFPB's 2016 Winter Supervisory Highlights Joann Needleman
03/10/16 EEOC Implements Nationwide Procedures for Releasing Respondents' Position Statements to Charging Parties Nitya S. Lohitsa
03/07/16 Supreme Court Issues Stay of Clean Power Plan - What Now? Mark J. Steger
03/04/16 The Sixth Circuit Rules Underwriters Are Exempt From The Overtime Requirements Of The FLSA Under The Administrative Exemption Nitya S. Lohitsa
03/03/16 UDAAP: Regulating the "Could've, Would've, Should've" Joann Needleman, Thomas A. Brooks
03/03/16 H-1B Cap Season, Denial of STEM OPT Rule, Amendments to Visa Waiver Program, March Visa Bulletin
02/26/16 PTC Inc. and No Cooperation Credit Case Under Yates Sotiris "Ted" Planzos
02/24/16 Backdooring Investment Security (On the Apple Case) John L. Hines, Jr., Jennifer Woods
02/24/16 Philadelphia Amendments to Ban-the-Box Become Effective Amy C. Lachowicz
02/23/16 Non-Renewal of Administrator Contracts Marshall W. Grate