Date Alert Author
04/12/17 CFPB Ordered by a New York Federal Court to "Show Me the Money" Jane C. Luxton, Thomas A. Brooks, Joann Needleman
04/11/17 When Can an Employer Insist on Confidentially in an HR Investigation? DC Circuit Relaxes Standard Set by NLRB Daniel J. Bretz, Thomas P. Brady
04/10/17 House Passes Bill Blocking Federal Regulation of Stop-Loss Insurance Scott B. Galla, Robert Tomilson
04/07/17 The H-1B CAP Has Been Reached Michael P. Nowlan, James E. Morrison
04/07/17 Regulatory Reform: A Closer Look at Opportunities and Challenges William J. Walsh, Kenneth von Schaumburg, Jane C. Luxton, Karen C. Bennett
04/07/17 Window on Washington - April 7, 2017 Vol. 1, Issue 3
04/05/17 Every Student Succeeds Act Prohibits "Passing the Trash" Kara T. Rozin
04/05/17 Seventh Circuit Finds that Title VII Covers Sexual Orientation Discrimination Scott Cruz
04/04/17 Employers Remain Liable for Employment Taxes Despite Hiring PEO Kenneth S. Wear, Christine M. Green
04/03/17 Insight on Estate Planning - April/May 2017
03/31/17 Window On Washington - This Week in the Nation's Capital
03/31/17 Window On Washington - This Week in the Nation's Capital - March 31, 2017 Vol. 1, Issue 2
03/28/17 President Trump Revokes President Obama's "Blacklisting" Executive Order Bret S. Wacker, Thomas P. Brady
03/24/17 Delaware Bankruptcy Court Reinforces that Hindsight is not a Basis to Object to Indenture Trustee Fees Christopher J. Giaimo, Jeffrey N. Rothleder
03/24/17 New Laws Add Significant Student Record-Keeping Requirements Joseph B. Urban
03/23/17 USCIS Publishes Rule for International Entrepreneurs Michael P. Nowlan, James E. Morrison
03/22/17 Federal District Court Dismisses CFPB Enforcement Action Against Payment Processor; UDAAP Not Sufficiently Pled Joann Needleman
03/22/17 The Michigan Department of Civil Rights Releases 2017 Revised Michigan Law Prohibits Discrimination Poster Alexandra E. Serdiuk, Mikyia S. Aaron
03/17/17 Update: President Trump's Revised Executive Order on Travel is Temporarily Blocked Patrick Taurel, Thomas K. Ragland, Michael P. Nowlan, James E. Morrison
03/16/17 A Guide for Challenging a Joint Account Arrangement in Michigan Nicholas E. Papasifakis, Jonathan M. Martone, Mallory A. Kallabat, Thomas E.F. Fabbri