Date Alert Author
04/14/20 Five Takeaways for Insurance Companies from Early COVID-19 Business Interruption or Income Complaints Scott B. Galla
04/14/20 Employers Challenge H-1B Denials And Win Carl M. Shusterman
04/14/20 Storing Crude Oil: Do Rail Tank Cars Become EPA-Regulated Storage Vessels? Patrick J. Larkin, Christopher B. Clare, Eric M. Hocky, Justin J. Marks
04/13/20 Window On Washington - April 13, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 15
04/13/20 What a Business Needs to Understand About its Electric Utility Bill During the COVID-19 Emergency Michael J. Pattwell, Rod E. Williamson, Tom Anson
04/10/20 What Access to the Payroll Protection Program Will Mean for Fin-Techs, Online and Alternative Lenders Joann Needleman
04/10/20 Monetizing Your Digital Fingerprint: Ninth Circuit Revives Privacy Lawsuit Against Facebook Over User Tracking Bradford G. Hughes, Michael P. Croghan
04/10/20 Business Implications of Latest Proposed CCPA Regulations Jeffrey R. Wells, Logan M. Parker, Jason M. Schwent
04/09/20 California Supreme Court Says Vertical Exhaustion Applies to Excess Policies in Continuing Loss Cases but Insurers Still Have Contribution Rights Mark E. Hellenkamp
04/09/20 SBA’s Alternative Size Standard Applicable to PPP Loans Derek H. Ross, Bret S. Wacker
04/08/20 California Employers Using Unlimited PTO Policies may Lose it: California Court Rules that some Unlimited PTO Policies are Unlawful "Use it or Lose it" Policies Guillermo M. Tello, Autumn L. Moore
04/08/20 Governor Whitmer's Executive Order Relaxes Certain FOIA Response Requirements Mark W. McInerney
04/08/20 EEOC Suspends Issuing Right-to-Sue Notices Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Vincent C. Sallan
04/07/20 Storing Crude Oil in Rail Tank Cars Requires an Understanding of Federal HazMat Regulations Justin J. Marks, Eric M. Hocky, W. Garney Griggs, Jules S. Brenner
04/07/20 How can Federal Employees Establish Age Discrimination Under the ADEA? Laura Calhoun
04/06/20 Window On Washington - April 6, 2020, Vol. 4, Issue 14
04/06/20 Pennsylvania Dept. of Health Orders New Safety Measures for Businesses Vincent M. Roskovensky
04/06/20 OSHA and COVID-19: Applicable Regulations and Compliance Issues Randolph T. Struk, Greg Flores
04/06/20 CARES Act Provides Relief to Real Estate Professionals Rachael E. Rubenstein, Adam M. Ansari, Adam M. Kessler
04/03/20 CARES Act Impacts Municipal Securities Market Andrew C. Maher