Date Alert Author
05/06/19 Window On Washington - May 6, 2019, Vol. 3, Issue 19
05/03/19 The OCC Jumps into the Sandbox Joann Needleman, Thomas A. Brooks, Ann E. Lemmo
05/02/19 New Trade Case on Imports of Vertical Metal File Cabinets from the People’s Republic of China Mark R. Ludwikowski, R. Kevin Williams
04/30/19 “Blue Penciling” of Restrictive Covenants is Alive and Well in New Jersey Vanessa M. Kelly
04/29/19 New Trade Case on Imports of Dried Tart Cherries from the Republic of Turkey Mark R. Ludwikowski, R. Kevin Williams
04/29/19 Window On Washington - April 29, 2019, Vol. 3, Issue 18
04/25/19 Supreme Court Narrows Availability of Class Arbitration Steven M. Richman
04/23/19 Proposed Proposition 65 Updates for Rental Vehicles Michael B. Sachs
04/22/19 Window On Washington - April 22, 2019, Vol. 3, Issue 17
04/22/19 New Proposition 65 Requirements for Residential Rental Properties Michael B. Sachs
04/18/19 IRS Approves Three New Enforcement Campaigns Based on Data Analysis and Employee Feedback Joshua Wu, Rachael E. Rubenstein
04/18/19 Back to the Future: CFPB Prioritizes Prevention Over Enforcement with Debt Collection Rules on the Horizon Joann Needleman, Ann E. Lemmo
04/17/19 New Trade Case on Imports of Ceramic Tile Products from China Mark R. Ludwikowski, R. Kevin Williams
04/16/19 Federal Circuit Clarifies USPTO Requirements Regarding Adequacy of Webpage as “Specimen of Use” in Application for Federal Registration of Trademark Gerald P. Schneeweis, David J. Marr
04/15/19 Window On Washington - April 15, 2019, Vol. 3, Issue 16
04/10/19 Department of Labor Proposes New Definition to Joint Employment under FLSA Autumn L. Moore
04/08/19 The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals: Some Student Cell Phone Searches do not Violate Clearly Established Law Amy L. Wesaw
04/08/19 Even Without New Reform Legislation, New Jersey Employers May Have to Accommodate Medical Marijuana Use Vanessa M. Kelly
04/08/19 Window On Washington - April 8, 2019, Vol. 3, Issue 15
04/08/19 Federal District Court Rejects Trump Administration’s Proposal for Association Health Plans Katila L. Howard