Date Alert Author
05/01/18 Presumed Employee: California Supreme Court Reverses Old Classification Test for Delivery Drivers in Wage and Hour Class Actions Beth A. Kahn, Bradford G. Hughes
04/30/18 “How’m I Doin?”—Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Doesn’t Need to Ask—He Will Tell You How Successful He Has Been With Regulatory Reform Thomas A. Brooks
04/30/18 Window On Washington - April 30, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 17
04/26/18 Expedited Infrastructure Takes Another Step Forward William J. Walsh, Kenneth von Schaumburg, Jane C. Luxton, Karen C. Bennett
04/26/18 Guidance v. Rule: Congressional Review Act Invalidation of Auto Lending Bulletin Shows this Distinction Makes a Big Difference Timothy D. Lee, Joann Needleman, Jane C. Luxton, Thomas A. Brooks
04/25/18 New Jersey Enacts a New “National Standard” For Equal Pay Vanessa M. Kelly
04/23/18 Window On Washington - April 23, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 16
04/18/18 GAO Bid Protests Go Electronic On May 1, 2018 (And With A Fee) Bret S. Wacker, J. William Eshelman
04/17/18 Stone Industry Rocked by New Trade Case on Quartz from China Mark R. Ludwikowski
04/16/18 Window On Washington - April 16, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 15
04/16/18 In Major Change, Regulatory Reform Comes to Tax Regulation William J. Walsh, Kenneth von Schaumburg, Karen C. Bennett, Jane C. Luxton
04/10/18 Cyber Insurance: Don't Ignore This Point of Emphasis By Banking Regulators Thomas A. Brooks
04/09/18 Window On Washington - April 9, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 14
04/06/18 Arizona Jumps Ahead of Other States In Financial Innovation Joann Needleman, Thomas A. Brooks
04/06/18 The H-1B CAP Has Been Reached James E. Morrison, Michael P. Nowlan
04/05/18 USTR's Section 301 Tariff List Targets Multiple Chinese Industries Lara A. Austrins, Thomas J. O'Donnell, R. Kevin Williams, Mark R. Ludwikowski
04/04/18 IRS Issues Guidance on the Business Interest Expense Limitation Kenneth S. Wear, Christine M. Green
04/02/18 Insight on Estate Planning - April/May 2018
04/02/18 Window On Washington - April 2, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 13
03/29/18 New Trade Case on Imports of Glycine from China, India, Japan and Thailand Mark R. Ludwikowski