Date Alert Author
07/16/18 As the ADEA Turns 50, the EEOC Offers Advice for Employers to Prevent Age Discrimination Ellen E. Hoeppner
07/16/18 Window On Washington - July 16, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 28
07/11/18 Trade War Intensifies Over $200 Billion In Chinese Imports Thomas J. O'Donnell, R. Kevin Williams, Mark R. Ludwikowski, Lara A. Austrins
07/09/18 A Properly Worded Settlement May Avoid Tax Kenneth S. Wear, Christine M. Green
07/09/18 Window On Washington - July 9, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 27
07/02/18 Window On Washington - July 2, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 26
07/02/18 New Trade Case on Steel Racks from China Mark R. Ludwikowski
06/28/18 White House Kicks Off NEPA Reform Amanda L. Tharpe, Christopher B. Clare, Kenneth von Schaumburg, Karen C. Bennett
06/28/18 Supreme Court Overturns 42-Year Precedent and Strikes Down State Fair Share Laws Joseph B. Urban, Daniel A. Krawiec, Stacey C. Schor
06/25/18 Supreme Court Allows Damages for Foreign Lost Profits in Patent Infringement Case David Gorski
06/25/18 Litigation Risk For Perfluorinated Chemicals Continues To Mount
06/25/18 The Trump Administration’s Proposal to Reorganize the FDA Michael A. Walsh
06/25/18 Window On Washington - June 25, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 25
06/22/18 Supreme Court Allows States to Require Sales Tax Collection by Out-of-State Sellers Forrest M. "Teo" Seger
06/22/18 New York Federal Court Rules That The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Is Unconstitutional, Continuing A High-Stakes Debate Thomas A. Brooks, Jane C. Luxton, Joann Needleman
06/20/18 EPA Requests Comment on Cost Benefit Analysis Approaches Amanda L. Tharpe, Kenneth von Schaumburg, Jane C. Luxton
06/18/18 Window On Washington - June 18, 2018, Vol. 2, Issue 24
06/18/18 Nevada Supreme Court Provides Important Guidance on Definition of “Health Benefits” for the Purposes of the Minimum Wage Amendment to the State Constitution Deanna L. Forbush, Nicholas M. Wieczorek
06/15/18 It Is Official - U.S. Issues 25% Tariff On Chinese Products Lara A. Austrins, Thomas J. O'Donnell, R. Kevin Williams, Mark R. Ludwikowski
06/13/18 Cook County - City of Chicago Triennial Reassessment for 2018 Chad M. Poznansky, Sean P. Fitzgerald