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Global Reach

For businesses today, it is essential to have the ability to operate and grow across borders. A global reach is more than just another tool of business: It’s a must. As part of an international network spanning 90 firms across the globe, Clark Hill has the resources to help our clients meet all of their legal and business needs both at home and abroad.


Our Global Reach network offers our clients instant access to almost five thousand legal experts and professionals around the world. Having the expertise and the knowledge to navigate international and domestic laws and business regulations at your fingertips is crucial in today’s marketplace -- and Clark Hill’s robust national and global network provides just that.


Our partners have the years of specialized industry experience, in-depth global market knowledge and superior legal skills that enable them to deliver the desired results anywhere in the world. With Clark Hill’s true global reach, our clients have access to the best tools for investing in the areas they service -- domestically and internationally.






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