Date Alert Author
09/29/17 Window on Washington -This Week in the Nation's Capital - September 29, 2017, Vol. 1, Issue 28
09/29/17 VETS-4212 Annual Report Robert M. Vercruysse
09/29/17 Streamlining Federal Environmental Reviews for Infrastructure Projects: Real Change is Coming Karen C. Bennett, Jane C. Luxton, Kenneth von Schaumburg, William J. Walsh
09/29/17 “Trespass is Fine with Us” sayeth the 10th Circuit Steven L. Hoch
09/28/17 "Big Six" Release Tax Reform Framework Christine M. Green, Kenneth S. Wear
09/27/17 CERCLA Task Force Issues Recommendations Aimed at Improving the Superfund Program Jason R. Gianvecchio
09/27/17 D.C. Court of Appeals Rejects EPA Attempt to Regulate Greenhouse Gases Through Restrictions on Hydrofluorocarbons Christopher G. Foster
09/27/17 U.S. Department of Education Issues New Interim Title IX Guidance Kara T. Rozin
09/27/17 The Ninth Circuit Reiterates That “Knowingly” Handling Hazardous Waste Without a Permit Is a General Intent Crime Under RCRA § 6928(D)(2)(A) Richard E. Stultz
09/27/17 When Does Secondary Material Become RCRA Solid Waste? Richard E. Stultz
09/27/17 Implementation of Revisions to Proposition 65's Warning Language Requirements is One Year Out Christopher G. Foster
09/27/17 CERCLA Trumps As-Is Sales Steven L. Hoch
09/27/17 Immigration Law Update James E. Morrison, Michael P. Nowlan
09/26/17 Illinois Governor Signs House Bill 2842 - Take Note: Testimony is Required at an Illinois Pollution Control Facility Siting Hearing Jennifer J. Sackett Pohlenz
09/26/17 Practice Alert: President Trump Issues New Travel Restrictions James E. Morrison, Michael P. Nowlan, Thomas K. Ragland, Patrick Taurel
09/25/17 Section 201 Solar Trade Case Injury Determination Mark R. Ludwikowski, R. Kevin Williams, Lara A. Austrins, Thomas J. O'Donnell
09/24/17 Potential Remedy for Addicks & Barker Reservoir Release Victims Jack Carnegie
09/22/17 Window on Washington - This Week in the Nation's Capital - September 22, 2017, Vol. 1, Issue 27
09/15/17 Window on Washington - This Week in the Nation's Capital - September 15, 2017, Vol. 1, Issue 26
09/13/17 Donating To Employees Affected By Hurricane Harvey Elizabeth A. Copeland