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08/03/17 Robert N. Dare Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Users Can Sue For Failure to Accommodate a Disability
08/02/17 Karen C. Bennett, Jane C. Luxton, Kenneth von Schaumburg, William J. Walsh U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Environmental Protection Agency Proposal to Rescind "Waters of the United States" Regulatory Definition
08/01/17 Insight on Estate Planning - August/September 2017
07/31/17 Karen C. Bennett U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Solicits Comments under E.O. 13777 "Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda"
07/28/17 Window on Washington - This Week in the Nation's Capital - July 28, 2017, Vol. 1, Issue 19
07/27/17 Candace C. Carlyon Delaware Court Denies Request of Beverly Hills Entities to Require Chapter 11 Debtor to Properly Abandon Wells
07/27/17 Christopher G. Foster Appellate Court Gives Water District Partial Victory
07/27/17 Steven L. Hoch Dumping the Dump
07/27/17 Christopher G. Foster D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Approves Endangered Species Act Delisting for Gray Wolves in Wyoming
07/27/17 Richard E. Stultz Contribution under the Oil Pollution Act
07/27/17 Jason R. Gianvecchio California Court of Appeal Rejects Citizens Group Nuisance Case Regarding Sea Lion Stench
07/27/17 Joshua A. Quinones SCOTUS Rules Out-of-State Plaintiffs’ Access to State Courts Limited by 14th Amendment
07/27/17 Christopher G. Foster California Supreme Court Gives Narrow Victory to Local Agency on Greenhouse Gas Impacts Analysis
07/27/17 Christopher G. Foster Court Allows Direct Action under California Environmental Quality Act against Local Air Quality Management District
07/27/17 Steven L. Hoch FOIA Rules over the CWA – Short and Simple
07/25/17 Christine M. Green, Kenneth S. Wear Worker Classification Update
07/25/17 Leigh D. Roadman, Daniel T. Hartnett, Mason N. Floyd Chicago U.S. Attorney Creates New Unit to Prosecute Health Fraud
07/21/17 Kurt A. Miller, Andrew J. Ruxton Pennsylvania Supreme Court Holds that Former Employees are Not Entitled to Inspect their Personnel Files
07/21/17 Window on Washington - This Week in the Nation's Capital - July 21, 2017, Vol. 1, Issue 18
07/17/17 Kara T. Rozin Are You Ready for August 1st?