Date Author Alert
06/28/12 Municipal Law Update 2012 Public Act 143
06/28/12 Neda M. Ryan The Supreme Court's Ruling on Healthcare Reform and What That Means for Healthcare Providers
06/11/12 Ellen E. Hoeppner United States District Court Upholds Department of Labor's Administrator's Interpretation Finding Mortgage Loan Officers Non-Exempt Under FLSA
06/08/12 Mark W. McInerney Tenure Commission Issues Decision Explaining and Applying "Not Arbitrary or Capricious" Standard for Teacher Discipline
06/06/12 Michigan Pay to Play Law Targeting Service Providers to Public Employee Pension Plans Takes Effect
06/04/12 Marshall W. Grate Shared-Time Agreements and Public Act 130
05/31/12 Michael J. Pattwell, Kenneth von Schaumburg Bureau of Land Management Proposes Cradle to Grave Regulation of Hydraulic Fracturing on Public Lands
05/31/12 Roberta Freedman Do I Need An H-1B Visa? Information on H-1B Travel
05/29/12 James A. O'Malley AMERICA INVENTS ACT - Marking, Joinder and Advice of Counsel with Regard to Willful Infringement
05/16/12 Nicole M. Paterson U.S. District Court Invalidates NLRB Election Rule Amendments Due to Lack of Quorum; Board Temporality Suspends Election Rule Amendments
05/14/12 EEOC Releases Updated Enforcement Guidance On the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records In Employment Decisions
05/10/12 Michael J. Pattwell, Kenneth von Schaumburg U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Issues Final Hydraulic Fracturing Air Emission Standards
05/04/12 Land Use
04/25/12 James R. Foley America Invents Act
04/17/12 Thomas P. Brady United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Enjoins the NLRB Notice Posting Rule
04/12/12 Supreme Court Rules State Employees May Not Bring Suit for Violations of FMLA "Self-Care" Provision
04/10/12 Mark W. McInerney Update: Court of Appeals Stays Order of Ingham Circuit Court, Reinstituting the Immediate Effect of Public Act 53'S Prohibition Against Union Dues Deduction
04/09/12 Marshall W. Grate Ingham Circuit Court Delays Immediate Effect of Public Act 53'S Prohibition Against Union Dues Deduction
04/02/12 Jeffrey J. Van Winkle, Joseph L. Voss Update Regarding Jobs Act Passage
03/30/12 Michael P. Nowlan H-1B Filing Season to Begin April 2, 2012