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09/18/12 Jason R. Canvasser Liquor Licensing Update - Chairman Deloney Visits Clark Hill
09/17/12 Kristi R. Gauthier New Health FSA Employee Contribution Cap Fast Approaching
09/11/12 Stephanie L. Hicks New Guidance on Determining "Full-Time Employees" Under Health Care Reform
08/31/12 Kristi R. Gauthier PPACA's Summary of Benefits and Coverage: Are You Ready?
08/28/12 AMERICA INVENTS ACT - Supplemental Examination
08/14/12 Thomas P. Brady Employers Must Justify Instructing Employees Not to Discuss Ongoing Investigations
08/13/12 Nicole S. Tersigni, Jeffrey M. Gallant An Update on the "Disappointed Bidder" Doctrine
08/07/12 Stephanie L. Hicks Implementation Deadline For New ERISA Participant Fee Disclosure Rules is Fast Approaching
08/06/12 Jason R. Canvasser Liquor Licensing Update - Major Changes Coming!
08/03/12 James R. Foley AMERICA INVENTS ACT - Submission of Prior Art in a Patent Application File by Third Parties
08/03/12 L. Steven Platt Illinois Limits Employers' Ability to Request Employees' Facebook and Social Media Passwords
08/03/12 Municipal Law Update Court of Appeals Strikes Zoning Ordinance Prohibiting Medical Marihuana
07/31/12 Michael P. Nowlan Visa Interview Waiver Program Expanded to Some Mexican Nationals
07/18/12 Roberta Freedman Immigration Physician Law Update
07/11/12 Ann L. VanderLaan School Districts Must Continue to Collect Union Dues
07/10/12 Thomas P. Brady Project Labor Agreement Law Resurrected
07/03/12 Kurt M. Graham School District Failed to Reasonably Accommodate Teacher with Seasonal Affective Disorder
06/28/12 Kristi R. Gauthier, Stephanie L. Hicks Healthcare Reform Upheld
06/28/12 Municipal Law Update 2012 Public Act 143
06/28/12 Neda M. Ryan The Supreme Court's Ruling on Healthcare Reform and What That Means for Healthcare Providers