Date Alert Author
09/09/13 Sixth Circuit Upholds Michigan's Ban on Project Labor Agreements on Public Construction Thomas P. Brady
09/09/13 GM Issues New General Terms and Conditions
08/19/13 IDEA and Use of Public Benefits or Insurance Neda M. Ryan
08/16/13 Triple Net Leases Could Make Business Owners Personally Liable in Withdrawal Liability Cases L. Steven Platt
08/15/13 Confidentiality of Proprietary Import/Export Data Thomas J. O'Donnell, John P. Donohue
08/15/13 Annual Physician Immigration Seminar in New York City - This Weekend! Roberta Freedman
08/14/13 Attorney General Endorses Expansive Interpretation of Eligible Public School Districts Providing Shared Time Services Marshall W. Grate
08/14/13 Local Ordinance Banning Alcohol Sales Trumps State Law Stephen P. Ormond
08/13/13 D.C. Court Rules Yucca Mountain Must Move Forward Christopher B. Clare, Robert M. Andersen
08/07/13 Announcing Clark Hill's Annual Physician Immigration Seminar in New York City!
08/01/13 DOL Issues Important Relief for Annual Participant Fee Disclosures Due in 2013
08/01/13 CMS Announces Moratorium on Enrollment of Home Health Agencies Peter J. Domas
07/30/13 Illinois Governor Signs Tough New Amendments to Construction Industry Independent Contractor Misclassification Law - Personal Liability Included L. Steven Platt
07/24/13 Dot What? Approximately 1,000 More Generic Top-Level Domain Names Will Soon Be Available
07/22/13 Pennsylvania Court Takes Hard-line on Fraudulent Transfers Jonathan W. Hugg