Date Author Alert
11/28/12 Peter D. Dugas The Future of Community Banks
11/28/12 Peter D. Dugas, Carlos M. Gutierrez, Jr. Basel III and Community Banks
11/26/12 Kristi R. Gauthier Health Care Reform Compliance in 2012 and Beyond...Are You on the Right Track?
11/26/12 Kristi R. Gauthier Health Care Reform Compliance in 2012 and Beyond... Are You on the Right Track?
11/21/12 James A. O'Malley AMERICA INVENTS ACT - First-Inventor-To-File
11/20/12 Thomas P. Brady Federal Court Enjoins Michigan's Amended Project Labor Agreement Statute
11/16/12 Jonathan M. Boulahanis Seventh Circuit Sheds Light on Reasonable Accommodations for an Employee's Religion
11/15/12 Thomas P. Brady Employee's Failure to Report Missed Meal Breaks Prevents Wage Claim for Unpaid Time
11/05/12 Kenneth P. Lane Openly Carried Weapons Allowed in District Library
11/02/12 Right to Open Carry Firearms Cannot be Restricted
11/01/12 Nicole M. Paterson EEOC Releases Guidance on the Application of Title VII and the ADA to Applicants and Employees Who Experience Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking
11/01/12 Mandatory E-Verify Begins in Four States on January 1, 2013
10/30/12 Mahesh K. Nayak India Initiative Update - FCPA Client Alert
10/29/12 AMERICA INVENTS ACT - Inter Partes Review
10/29/12 Stephanie L. Hicks Agreements Containing Release-of-Claims Provisions May Require Code Section 409A Amendments Before Year End
10/24/12 Ann L. VanderLaan Proposal 2: Impact on Collective Bargaining for Schools
10/03/12 Roberta Freedman Visa Lottery Now Open for Fiscal Year 2014
10/03/12 Thomas P. Brady Sixth Circuit Upholds Ruling That Certain Severance Payments Are Not Subject to FICA Tax
09/27/12 Stephanie L. Hicks Plan Administrators Take Note: New Michigan Income Tax Withholding Rates and Personal Exemption Allowances Are Effective October 1, 2012
09/18/12 Matthew W. Schlegel Michigan Supreme Court Upholds Strict Enforcement of Governmental Notice Requirements