Date Alert Author
01/22/18 The View from Our DC Office
01/22/18 Window on Washington - January 22, 2018 Vol. 2, Issue 3
01/22/18 The U.S. Government is Shut Down but Most Immigration Agencies are Operating James E. Morrison, Michael P. Nowlan, Thomas K. Ragland, Lena M. Gonzalez
01/19/18 New Trade Case on Imports of Large Diameter Welded Pipe from Canada, Greece, India, China, Korea and Turkey Mark R. Ludwikowski
01/16/18 Window on Washington - January 16, 2018 Vol. 2, Issue 2
01/12/18 Developments Relating to DACA and TPS Patrick Taurel, Thomas K. Ragland, James E. Morrison, Michael P. Nowlan, Lena M. Gonzalez
01/12/18 Choice of Entity: Are Partnerships Still More Tax Efficient After Tax Reform? Kenneth S. Wear, Christine M. Green
01/11/18 To Have or Not to Have: Federal Lawmakers Seek to End Private Arbitration of Sex Harassment Claims in Arbitration Agreements Scott Cruz
01/11/18 Prison for Bankruptcy Fraud Where Creditors Paid 100% Brandon J. Verdream, Robert J. Ridge, William C. Price
01/09/18 Direct Contractors Potentially Liable for Subcontractors' Failure to Pay Wages D. Creighton Sebra, Tammara N. Bokmuller
01/08/18 Providing Conditions May Help Establish Patent Infringement David Gorski
01/08/18 Window on Washington - January 8, 2018 Vol. 2, Issue 1
01/04/18 Federal Court Vacates Incentive Provisions of EEOC Wellness Regulations Beginning in 2019 Edward C. Hammond
01/04/18 Many States Have New Minimum Wage Rate in 2018 Thomas P. Brady, Mikyia S. Aaron
12/29/17 2018 Benefits Limits Douglas J. Ellis, Edward C. Hammond
12/29/17 Warning for Taxpayers Prepaying Real Property Taxes in 2017 Katherine E. David, Josh Wu, Farley P. Katz
12/29/17 New Trade Case on Imports of Plastic Decorative Ribbons from China Mark R. Ludwikowski
12/28/17 Score One for Employers: One Illinois Appellate Court’s Pre-Holiday Gift to Companies Facing Lawsuits Alleging Violations Under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act Scott Cruz, Timothy R. Herman
12/27/17 New Tax Bill Contains Important Implications for Employers Emory D. Moore Jr., Ellen E. Hoeppner
12/22/17 Window on Washington - December 22, 2017 Vol. 1, Issue 40