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06/28/17 James E. Morrison, Michael P. Nowlan, Thomas K. Ragland, Patrick Taurel Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Travel Ban Case, Continues Allowing Entry of Most Visa-Holders from Designated Countries
06/27/17 Stephon B. Bagne SCOTUS Rejects Dueling Bright Line Tests to Identify Property at Issue in Regulatory Takings Cases
06/27/17 Kara T. Rozin Transgender Equality: Coming to a School Bathroom or Locker Room Near You!
06/27/17 Joseph R. Brendel Pennsylvania Supreme Court Completes Revival of Environmental Rights Amendment
06/26/17 Stacey C. Schor New Law Empowers Philadelphia with Authority to Close Businesses Found to Discriminate
06/23/17 Window on Washington - This Week in the Nation's Capital - June 23, 2017 Vol. 1, Issue 14
06/22/17 Lena M. Gonzalez, Lindsey M. Medina, James E. Morrison Update: President Trump's Revised Executive Order on Travel Ban Remains Blocked
06/22/17 Karen C. Bennett, Jane C. Luxton, Kenneth von Schaumburg, William J. Walsh Interior Department Announces Regulatory Reform Comment Opportunity
06/22/17 Thomas E.F. Fabbri, Mallory A. Kallabat, Jonathan M. Martone, Nicholas E. Papasifakis She Did What With the Family Farm? - Top Ways to Challenge a Deed in Michigan
06/21/17 John L. Hines, Jr., Jonathan D. Klein, Steven M. Richman Countdown to the EU General Data Protection Regulation: Are You Ready?
06/16/17 Window on Washington - This week in the Nation's Capital - June 16, 2017 Vol. 1, Issue 13
06/15/17 Dana L. Abrahams Emergency Rule on School Construction Allows Planned Projects to Go Forward
06/14/17 Jonathan D. Klein HHS Cybersecurity Guidance - You Still Have Work to Do
06/13/17 Joann Needleman, Jane C. Luxton, Thomas A. Brooks Treasury Department Issues Long Awaited Report on Regulatory Reform for the Financial Services Industry
06/12/17 Amy C. Lachowicz The U.S. Department of Labor's Shift in Policy: A Win for Businesses?
06/09/17 Joann Needleman, Jane C. Luxton CFPB Announces Changes to its Debt Collection Rulemaking: An Advocacy Win for the Industry
06/09/17 Window on Washington - This Week in the Nation's Capital - June 9, 2017 Vol. 1, Issue 12
06/08/17 Douglas J. Ellis Supreme Court Unanimously Extends the "Church Plan" ERISA Exemption to Plans Originally Established by Non-Church Affiliates
06/07/17 Scott Cruz Chicago Issues Draft Regulations for Its Paid Sick Leave Ordinance: How Do They Differ from the Cook County Earned Sick Leave Ordinance's Final Regulations?
06/02/17 Window on Washington - This Week in the Nation's Capital - June 2, 2017 Vol. 1, Issue 11