White Collar Criminal Defense

Clark Hill's White Collar Defense and Compliance practice group is experienced in all aspects of criminal, regulatory and enforcement matters. We are former Federal and State Prosecutors, and a former FBI Special Agent. So who better to defend you if the government comes knocking? We speak the language of prosecutors and agents and, more importantly, we’ve walked in their shoes.

Our lawyers, are available to respond promptly to Government Agency inquiries or actions including arrests, search warrants, Federal and State Grand Jury investigative subpoenas, asset forfeitures, and investigatory questioning. Clark Hill’s lawyers are also engaged in the defense of individuals and legal entities involved in criminal investigations. Clark Hill’s lawyers have defended individuals charged with criminal and civil racketeering charges, mail and wire fraud violations, health care fraud, bank fraud, public corruption, and environmental crimes. Clark Hill’s criminal defense team consists of a cadre of seasoned trial lawyers widely recognized for their courtroom skills. Our lawyers also counsel clients regularly on compliance and corporate governance issues. Whether we are responding to allegations of wrongdoing or directing proactive efforts to help avoid such allegations, our lawyers have the experience and judgment to zealously defend and represent our clients. The Team has extensive trial experience in both Federal and State courts and the skills to advocate effectively with prosecutors and their agents to avoid misguided prosecutions.

Problem Avoidance
Clark Hill’s White Collar defense team strives to detect, analyze and solve problems at the earliest stage and with as little disruption to business as possible.

The value of early detection and intervention is to prevent government enforcement through effective compliance programs, corporate governance programs, and internal safeguards. Being mindful of the government’s increased use of parallel proceedings, we investigate and negotiate with the government while making every effort to protect our client’s information and ensure that any information provided is not utilized in a parallel context.

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