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India Practice

Since midnight on August 15, 1947, when Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru heralded India’s independence in redeeming the pledge of its tryst with destiny, India’s rise to prominence on a global stage has been meteoric. In a little more than six decades, India’s burgeoning middle class, economic reforms, decrease in poverty and increase in prosperity have catapulted it to the forefront of global economic affairs and a real player in the global business arena.

With this new prominence, India’s role as a strategic partner of United States business interests cannot be understated. India’s people represent a huge amount of demand for goods and services that U.S. companies can satisfy. Opportunities for investment in India have never been better, and are on pace to continue to grow. India’s GDP growth is consistently above 5%.

India’s meteoric rise stems from its commitment to reform and change in its economic, legal, business and administrative rules and procedures. Nevertheless, such reform does not happen overnight; regulations, financial rules, protectionist practices, and a unique corporate culture of graft, impose challenges to entry, establishment and growth of U.S. business interests in India.

Clark Hill helps businesses by providing guidance and sound legal strategy to handle the tensions between the new India of progressive economic reforms and ease of access and business with foreign investors and businesses and the old India of license, permits and corruption. Clark Hill helps businesses to succeed in this market, by working with them to develop unique business plans which work seamlessly meld with the complex milieu of old India restrictions and new India reforms to establish, succeed and grow in India.

To counsel and guide its clients, Clark Hill boasts not only a team of practitioners with significant knowledge and expertise, but also well developed and extensive Indian contacts, legal partners, and business associates.

India is a major player in international business. From manufacturing to financial services and information technology, Clark Hill provides legal and business counsel well-versed in both the Indian and US legal systems and corporate cultures. Whether you’re an American doing business in India or an Indian doing business in Southeast Michigan, our experienced team of attorneys and our international affiliates in the India Practice Group can work with you from startup to incorporation to operations. We’ve represented everyone from charities to banks to steelmakers with U.S.-India business ties. Our clients have come to us from North America and India alike.

As a multidisciplinary practice group that crosses the borders from the U.S. to India, we bring the ability to handle all facets of cross-border business, and even provide suggestions on how to make the interactions of the two countries’ laws work in your favor in terms of corporate structure, compensation and other issues. We help our clients grow, whether they’re American companies doing business in India, Indian companies doing business in the U.S. or companies founded by non-resident Indian entrepreneurs that are growing in their adopted countries.

One of the American Midwest’s leading full-service law firms, Clark Hill has the capability to be a one-stop shop for all kinds of international business issues, including assisting a client in transferring personnel from one country to another, acquiring real estate, patenting R&D breakthroughs or defending against litigation. Our team combines legal expertise with the appropriate language skills and cultural sensitivities to work on your behalf.

The India Practice Group at Clark Hill is an unmatched resource to help you grow your international business, whether you’re from Detroit or New Delhi, Michigan or Andhra Pradesh.

Relevant Experience

A few examples of our experience include:

  • Represented Major Indian Manufacturer in acquisition of U.S. Company
  • Obtained charitable status in the U.S. for Organization devoted to building schools in rural India
  • Protected intellectual property and software rights in matter involving IT company doing business in India and the United States from cyber-theft in India
  • Serve as corporate counsel to large physician organization made up of doctors of Indian origin
  • Represented a cultural organization made of individuals of Indian origin in obtaining charitable status with the Internal Revenue Service
  • Provide immigration, tax, and corporate counsel to U.S. automotive subsidiary of large Indian corporation
  • Consulted with Indian-American Dual Citizen regarding international tax and estate matters
  • Serve as General Counsel of prominent Hindu Temple
  • Interface with Indian Attorney Affiliates regarding U.S. client's intellectual property rights
  • Assist Indian companies seeking to enter the U.S. market with full service representation (employment, real estate, tax, immigration, corporate) and assist U.S. companies seeking to do business in India

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