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Working for our Clients Locally...And Globally

Clark Hill’s Global Reach


In today’s increasingly global economy, it is crucial for businesses to have the ability to continue to operate, grow and service their needs wherever those needs arise.

By partnering with Globalaw, Clark Hill is able to provide our clients with the tools they need to meet legal challenges not just at home, but abroad.


An International Network of Legal Experts


Through Clark Hill and Globalaw, our clients have access to legal experts around the globe.  An international network with more than 111 independent law firms with over 4,500 lawyers in 165 cities. Our clients can rely on quick and reliable advice on the laws, rules and regulations that affect their all of their domestic and international business dealings.


Extensive Coverage...Broad-Based Knowledge...Superior Results


With superior legal skills, local and global market knowledge and experience, years of relevant industry experience, and extensive geographic coverage, Globalaw’s expertise transcends international boundaries. Our lawyers advise internationally and domestically; under common law and civil law systems; in local and cross-border transactions; on day-to-day operations and the most challenging deals. We move quickly, efficiently and with substantial knowledge of the differing terrains to complete deals, defend or prosecute lawsuits or other legal proceedings, mitigate problems and obtain information worldwide.


Globalaw’s Business Initiatives


By bringing network members in the same practice or industry together, Globalaw’s Business Initiatives enable them to better serve their clients, pursue business opportunities and share best practices. This collaboration not only helps the network grow, but helps our members provide substantial client service resources and produce specially tailored client events.


Globalaw’s Initiatives include:


    * Alternative Dispute Resolution

    * Corporate Finance

    * Energy/Mining

    * Global Sustainability

    * Intellectual Property

    * Products Liability

    * Real Estate

    * Taxation



Strategic Relationships


Globalaw has developed strong business relationships with well-known organizations, many of which have supported our network by sponsoring member meetings and client seminars. Below are a few of our valued and carefully selected sponsors.

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